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account banned during registration

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Nov 1, 2022
@punker barbie Hi There

I saw you may be able to help
I am a model, I had an account tied to a webcam studio in Colombia a couple years ago. I have long since left that studio, and now live alone and work alone, and I tried to sign up with my passport, and it says im banned before even registering. The username I used to try to sign up just now is lolabunny0922
I tried to contact the old studio but they dont even have the same number anymore. I am not sure what they may have done with my account and ID pics way back when, but I fear that they did something suspicious and now I am the one paying the price.

I have a passport, which should be able to easily verify, and I am 24 years old, so I think everything should be fine, if you could please let me know what the issue was and if its resolvable. I always followed and will follow all site rules, I have reviewed all the TOS on the site, and I hope some one can look into this and see that I myself did not break any rules and if something happened with a prior account it was out of my control, I heard from some former colleagues that these studios share accounts, and I probably should not have trusted them with my ID and just made my own account

Thank you!