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Account banned, for no reason

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Sep 22, 2021
Hi, i got my account smilexb banned just because i have sent the ID of my girlfriend, after the support have sent to me like this:As we trust you are aware, your ability to access your account(s) has been disabled; and, your ability to access your account(s) will not be restored, as your ban from the Chaturbate platform is permanent. Please note that should you access any accounts in violation of this permanent ban, such accounts will be subject to termination without warning and any amounts associated with such accounts will be deemed forfeit.

Please note that due to the nature of your account status, we will be very likely not to respond to emails regarding your permanent ban.
he didnt even tried to explain what i did, So as this is the second time that i am having my account banned for without any reason, I will be forced to take legal actions in the law against chaturbate, I was really hoping that we could solve this situation in a easyly way, but as I am seeing, I am being screwed again by the support, as the first time i got my account banned and have lost 700 dolars now I will really go into the law.
If you wanna solve this situation in a better way I hope yes, You can send a fast email answering me now.

thank you,
best regards
Same with me CB just ban be because i banned a grey toxic user who kept making accounts and reporting me believes to those haters and doesn't pay attention at the members who purchase and spend tokens and who really enjoy your show even that my satisfaction score was 100% positive with like 25 votes i got a nice ban and same message and i am unable to make new account its time to move on and to try other platforms with better support who protects the models not the toxic antisocial fools.
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If you got banned the first time then any further attempt to get a new account will get that account also banned.
Also in another post you state that you where told that the ban was for being underaged. So why did you story change?
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