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Nov 10, 2023
Sorry for asking.. I also have a problem for over 1 year.. I collaborated with a studio, that's where I debuted in this industry, and the people at the studio were permanently restricted for fake traffic and others... I didn't know that... And when they told me -they opened a Chaturbate account, it was made by them as a personal account in my name, and later they added the payment method in their/the studio's name... I DON'T collaborate with them anymore.. But since then I've been permanently banned for the reason that I falsified my identity... I didn't do anything wrong, I'm a model and I broadcast on other sites by myself, without collaborating with anyone. Chaturbate won't unlock my account, do you have any idea what I could do please? I've been sending them emails ever since.. that is, for over 1 year...
Hello @Diaaa I have confirmed that the support team has responded to your inquiry. Ticket #22792932
They gave me an answer. But how can I proceed if it is not true? I am accused of something that I did NOT do... And they practiced this with many girls in the studio. I just want to open my personal account in my name... Please help me to open a new account... I am also on other platforms and I do not break any rules… username: “diaaddams” on chaturbate … that's how they created my username at the studio
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