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  1. crosscountry

    Finding your tipping audience on Chaturbate

    Hi guys, I have been a trans cam model for almost a year now and have been on Chaturbate for 2 months. I'd like to know what method worked for you on finding a tipping audience. I understand there is lots of information already out there and what works for you may not work for me but I would...
  2. M

    Didn't get paid!!

    Recently the payment period for the 16-31 (November) just ended, and I didn't get paid, which was around $800 worth. I contacted support and they told me I need to send in a W9 form, which I then proceeded to do. The support team has said there is something wrong with my SNN for the second time...
  3. G

    Any advice?

    So earlier today I was on LJ browsing models and you know how they all have photos uploaded, well one camgirls photos looked like something straight from Instagram and it got me to be concerned as I know many models like to keep their life and their cam girl life separate, so I took a screenshot...
  4. racer_chick

    Constant disconnect/reconnect

    Is anyone else having this problem lately? I'll get a room full of tipping customers deciding who's going to get the first prize show, and the chat starts to drop in and out. Browser shows the bitrate and frame rate drop to 0, but OBS still shows a solid green status indicator. After a couple...
  5. Classy_Chloe

    Some Model HELP me???

    HI everyone! My name is Chloe, I'm a brand new "non nude" MFC model (in the sense that I do not feel comfortable masturbating on cam/chat room. I do show boobs & butt). Just going on 4 weeks and let me tell you I'm frustrated all to hell. I have looked at youtube videos, threads like this and...
  6. KarmaCumz87

    Need Some Help

    i just started camming on cb and need some help getting floating icon links and backgrounds and such
  7. J

    New and wondering...

    I just signed up to start Chaturbate. I’ve never cammed before, but years ago I worked as a phone sex operator and was somewhat successful, although it was a tough business when your competing with girls who offer visuals. Anyway, I’ve considered camming for a while, and now seems to be a good...
  8. ValentinaCANADA

    Looking for tips and tricks (Newish webcam model)

    Hey lovelies, So im pretty new to the webcam community and also am a small bow model, I am looking for tips and tricks on anything when it comes to building up clientele, how to bring people to want to tip me, maintaining a full room, token values for what I am offering etc. I know bigger...
  9. Melodiesanddesires

    Naked, thought I won their daily contest!

    Hey, back in the day I'd cam a ton on Naked . com I was on one night back when they were 1000 $ giveaways for the top 5 earners every 12 hrs. I was making mad money this one night, I wa at like 14 then climbing up to like 5...I was doing pvt after pvt with spies n all 140+ an hour. I knew I...
  10. MrAndMsMgmt

    what's the deal with MV Mag submissions?

    I read the requirements that are right there on the page, but all it really talks about is what kind of pictures they want. are they looking for some sort of sales pitch in the "body" of the submission? does anybody know? plz advise. thanks -m
  11. naominye

    New and need help please

    Hi guys, I just started camming like two days ago and got manycam but I can't seem to get it working. I need the myfreecam stream key but can't find it anywhere on the internet. I tried logging on to manycam first but when I log onto myfreecam it doesn't give me an option to connect the two...
  12. Lexa

    Many Vids Advice?

    Hi I'm still very new to camming but I want to start using Many Vids to make to increase my revenue and my exposure, Does anyone have any tips or advice, Ex: 1) How to make my content. 2) How do I make a good porno. 3) How Many Vids works in the first place?? 4) Anything I should do before I...
  13. britneyscorner

    Empty rooms :(

    Im a new cam girl (Britneyscorner) on chaturbate and my first shows were great! I felt a little nervous but for the most part i was comfortable and everybody seemed helpful and generous. The traffic was amazing, about 500 people at once and I could feel everyones outgoing energy! After about 4...
  14. G

    How to cope with GF being a Cam Girl?

    Hello, recently my girlfriend has started to cam on chaturbate for around a month and is also thinking about starting on another site, we have been dating over a year and I'm really struggling with this. She is doing this to help with the costs of University and have the flexibility to see me...