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Christmas/Holiday tips

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Aug 3, 2022
This week I have been giving Christmas tips to the models who have made my year better. I have done this with people who I do business with of all occupations for years. Unlike some on here I don't really have one model that I spend all my time with, I like all kinds of people so I like to interact with different models. A year ago I had never been to a camsite so I have no idea if it is commonplace or not. It's probably pretty common

I had no idea what to tip or timing (maybe models can give guidance here), but I wanted to do it early enough where the models could use it for seasonal shopping if they wanted because I have had several conversations with models who were stressed about Christmas expenses and who were working more hours than they really wanted to this week to earn extra cash.

It has been a fun experience. I tried to be sure to remember models who I no longer visit. One I haven't visited in months but I spent a TON of time with in the summer and had a lot of conversations about pretty much everything. With her I knew she would be surprised so I went and lurked in her room as I sent the private tip. It was cute, she actually squealed when she saw it and started laughing really hard and sent me a really nice note back. I don't know how surprised anyone was, but everybody seemed to at least appreciate the thought. I tried to get across in the note how much I appreciated all their attention and work during the year and that they had a positive impact on my life.

I guess I really just wanted to put out there that if you visit cam models you should consider a holiday tip. It will be appreciated and you will feel the joy of giving
I have had many Christmas tips this evening. It's been a really nice feeling. Thank you to everyone who does this!
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Along these lines, you may want to check today and tomorrow and see if your favorite models are working. Tip them something significant so they don’t work Christmas Eve (or day) and get like 12 tokens for their trouble.

Many are working this morning to be available for family celebrations this afternoon and tomorrow
I am already so worn out by the holidays that I saw “Christmas tips” and clicked on this thread expecting pointers about how to wrap presents or how to avoid crowds at the grocery store.

Yes, always a good idea to spread the holiday cheer in the form of a special tip. I do this in the vanilla world as well.
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