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Club Shows- would love some guidance

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May 23, 2020
Hey everyone:) Sooooo I started my first club.
I use it doubled over as a club/member wall on my profile and includes a good amount of perks.

I have never done a club show before and am feeling very overwhelmed.
I have reached out to my regulars since I want it tailored for them...but would love a models point of view.

I was hoping someone would be willing to share some advice/guidance on how to come up with ideas as well as lengths of shows and how often one should do a club show? I've also recently found out that cam scores are still being calculated during shows which is fine by me. But if anyone also had any guidance on how they deal with that? I personally don't want to charge more onto of the actual club fee but my club fee is lifetime soooo. Any help would be awesome

😅 Thanks for reading my rant!
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