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Did I get scammed and what do I do about it?

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Jun 1, 2020
I’ve seen a lot of people question the cost of the clip. Without getting too personal, the clip ran over an hour and involved a niche fetish.

I’ll be the first to say this was a complicated clip. I was shocked when she said it could be ready by Friday. I thought that seemed too soon.

I picked her because she’s one of the few C4S models who does work in this space and the clips I’ve ordered from her studio are excellent.

The exact cost was $775.

She actually only charged me $760. But I had asked her to wear an article of clothing they cost $15. She told me she wouldn’t charge me for the clothing (she didn’t have it) because she was planning to wear it to her “day job.” I threw in the $15 as a show of good faith because I wanted her to know I was committed to doing a good clip and if it got ruined or damaged during my clip, I’d feel bad.
I was trying to be nice and look what it got me.
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Sep 18, 2010
Is her reputation ruined, though? Who am I going to tell? Clips4Sale didn’t arrange it so there is no reason to complain to them. It’s not like I’m going to advertise that I got ripped off or who did it. I told one friend in a fetish chat room, who probably won’t order from her anyway.
So she can easily get away with it. Because who is going to complain?

@melanieoncam - you make a good point. If this clip was good, I would have ordered more. By scamming me out of $800 she screwed herself out of more lucrative purchases from me.
Her reputation is definitely ruined with you, if you don't get your clip :)

Speaking for myself though, the fetishes I serve are a very small niche and word gets around. Likely if she does this to one person she will do it again. (I'm still hoping she comes through for you eventually).

Repeat clients are golden. I would have to work way harder to find clients if I lost the ones I have instead of just working with the loyal ones I've already collected.

Unless she's quitting soon or something she's being really, really stupid.
Mar 10, 2021
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Is there a point in notifying Clips4sale? I don’t expect them to do anything, but I feel like they should be on alert this model is scamming people.
I would let them know because it is a bad practice on her part and ultimately discrediting their website. However I personally have never used and am only familiar first hand with manyvids. That said $800 is a ton of money and I am sorry you were screwed over like that
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V.I.P. AmberLander
Feb 25, 2011
I’d like to experts opinion on what happened to me this week.

Last week I reached out to a model on Clips4sale about a custom clip. I told her want I wanted and she had no problem with it. We agreed to $800 for the clip, which I thought was a fair price given length.

Her studio has hundreds of clips and lots of customs so I figured she’s good. I paid her last Wednesday morning and she thanked me for payment. She told she was going to film it on Friday. She said I could expect my clip Friday night or Saturday at the latest depending on how busy/tired she was. I told her no problem, there wasn’t a rush on my end. That’s the last I heard from her.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday came and I didn’t hear anything from her. I sent a very polite email on Monday morning asking about the status of the clip. No response. I sent a second polite email Thursday night and no response.

I don’t care that I don’t have the clip right now. There was no rush to do this. If she emailed me and said anything ranging from “my camera broke” to “my mom is sick” to “I’m sick” I would have been totally cool with that.

What concerns me is it’s been 10 days since I’ve heard anything from her and a week since I was supposed to have the clip done. I noticed her studio hasn’t been updated.

So did I get scammed? Are these things common in custom/Clips4Sale universe?

Is there anything I can do beyond see if my credit card will reverse the charges? Would Clips4Sale care or is it a waste of time notifying them?

Any thoughts/help would be appreciated
apparently so ,
live and learn ,
suck it up buttercup


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Jul 25, 2014
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You could email clips4sale warning them she is poaching members offsite to use a different payment processor and scamming them. Proof helps. I don't think they will do anything about it. Maybe they might monitor her activity. maybe send her a warning. Sites do not like it when models take their traffic offsite.