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Fav G spot Toy?

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tell me how to find the G spot so i can look for that toy too? 👀:rofl:
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It’s on the front wall at the opening of your vagina supposedly.
yep and actually between 3 and 5 cms from the opening, it makes in Intl non-metric system : more or less two phalanges of the middle finger maximum.
You can feel it with your finger but only when you're hard, and don't blam husby if he doesn't find it when you're not hard
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My New Best Friend :inlove::inlove:
I was hesitant but excited to receive this toy. I've never experienced anything like it before. Even opening the package was delightful. Incredibly discrete and then enclosed in a sleek black box. Had a very sophisticated air about it. I let the toy charge for a while and went about my day. When I finally got around to trying it, my expectations were low. I've tried many toys with varying features and this one seemed like one of those novelty items that are fun for a time or two and then sit in the drawer forever. HOW WRONG I WAS... The combination of the thrusting and clit stimulation are ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. I am extremely picky about my toys. I have a very sensitive clit to the stimulation has to be JUST RIGHT in order for me to enjoy it. I am shocked and amazed how much I love this and find myself reaching for it more than my most beloved vibator (that I've repurchased 3x, that's how much I love it). The material are high quality and easy to clean. I am literally in love.
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