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Free Love? - A friends account banned - is she being scammed ?

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Aug 20, 2021
I am trying to help a cam-model who had a ban. She is only 18 and a bit naive and got caught in what she describes as a scam. Read her story below and let me know your thoughts.

Here is my view of her back-story : She set up a solo account and started to stream. Then got an account ban. This is what she had to say:
Richy.. I contacted site support at CB and was answered and I learned from them the reason for the account lock. Earlier in the year I used to work on a joint account with my boyfriend and in early July we came across a scams (the fraudster sent us stolen tokens with foreign accounts and asked us to return the money to him, but he did not say that they were stolen) and CB without any kind of trial blocked all our accounts ..

I put that all in the past and decided to register a new account only my name and start fresh to cam alone. I worked by myself but this time with more care and yet they blocked me again ... They explained that I had violated their rules. It's so sad that now I can not be with my subscribers ((what should I do in such a situation? I earned all the tokens honestly and do not cheat anyone and observe all the rules of the site, but here is such an injustice, I worked so much for many days and all the tokens are confiscated ((this is also so insulting. Tell me please how can I return to my favorite subscribers on CB?


Do not feel alone. I am angry you work so hard for your tokens. And CB took them from you. Whatever happened in the past CB have no right to remove your new tokens. I will tell this story to a forum and I will keep you up to date.


Oh my God, I am very grateful to you, I now cry, I got a chance to become happy on this site and show the show for all of you and for you. I cry, I am very grateful that you help me, I can't transfer all the words what I have inside

OK. Be positive. Help is coming.


I have evidence of the past that the fraudster used me and have screenshots of correspondence and translations on the card, when I transferred the money to him. I wanted to send this evidence in my appeal to the site but they refused and just blocked accounts.


Forum guys. Do you have any thoughts on this. Sounds on the face of it they were caught in a scam. And she is trying to put a pause on the past and move on. Or do you think all bridges are burned with CB and there is no comeback
Sound like she has been working for FREE LOVE !

She did all the hard work on her back And the freeloaders and scammers got in on the act.
It would be helpful to include the ticket number so support knows which request this is about.

But FYI they cant discuss her account with you. Just reply to her emails.
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Wow: Very hard to discover here guys there can never be a second chance given....

As a couple starting out they made some mistakes. Now her mental health is shot. She is mentally distraught. An emotional wreck.

Screenshot 2021-09-03 14.15.18.pngScreenshot 2021-08-23 18.52.32.png This is the couple in the video

The video does more than I can say: (click link to see) Result and effect on her of her Mental Health of the account ban


Note video above is upsetting. I am in London speak only English but found it very distressing

She is a first of all a human being. The couple in the video (see them below) spent two years planning this life. They paid for courses. And they did everything themselves without help and support of a studio. Investing a huge amount of time and energy.

Screenshot 2021-08-30 04.27.42.png images.jpeg

She will 20 later this year. Guys: In four days she made 130,000 tokens. $6500 dollars. No studio cut. And she had 30,000 followers.

Screenshot 2021-08-30 11.25.25.png

Then suddenly every single dollar was taken from her. What also feels wrong is CB did not even refund the money to its tippers / users!

Screenshot 2021-09-03 14.49.59.png
Support ticket 18124424 [ How would you rate the support you received: Good I'm satisfied | Bad I'm unsatisfied ]

I imagine there may be some here tempted to rush back quickly in comments with: "oh well yeah.. Rah Rah Rah... They should have done this... and that... And they probably broke the rules so they deserve a permanent bad. Tough luck"
But before you do. Pause for a moment and think about this. Her ass ( UK we say Arse) hurt so much from those four days camming working flat out that...
As she said in the video above it was even too painful for her to fart !

[OK so guilty confession... I laughed a little at that] But come on.. she genuinely worked flat out for hours thinking she was doing the right thing.
She turns to him to say that after she finished. She was in so much pain it hurt to fart.... Her ass hurt so bad. And then she found out it was all for nothing.

Compassion in the Adult industry I realize is generally rare. I know this fantastic forum exists because there is so little compassion. And you do a wonderful job to help each other in times of sadness and distress. When the going gets tough.

I accept your world can be a lonely place sometimes. But guys. She is one of yours. I am nobody. I am not a cammer. I don't know what it's like on the other side of the lens.

In the video, he encourages her to talk with him to appeal to the Universe to find a solution. "The Universe does not hear me.." she tells him.

CB central... I know you are not "The Universe" No.. you are far more important than that...

I also feel confident you are not going to your back on this couple as they start out here. I feel sure you will treat them with compassion.

So I say to all readers who have the ability to help and support... Come on, guys! As human beings and as part of the universe, we are all a little better than this...

Screenshot 2021-09-03 15.14.13.png
Ending on a lighter note... This photo was taken when she had the ability to fart without pain ! (LOL - Sorry) - English humour. We love our fart jokes...


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Just by way of some GOOD NEWS. Another site has accepted her application and she is steaming. But she loves Chaturbate as the best place.
To be honest I am Pro-Chaturbate. She has also set up an Only-Fans and her income will stabilize. I have told her to let the CB issue sort itself out over time.

Screenshot 2021-09-03 23.03.13.png

Fingers Crossed CB Support can do something. She will be twenty before Christmas and the goal is for her to celebrate her 20th on the CB site.
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