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help with a banned account

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Sep 6, 2023
greetings @punker barbie , I have been trying to contact chaturbate support for about 10 days but I have not received any response to be able to solve the blocking of my elixirstudio17 account, on August 30 I uploaded two identity documents in the verification link from chaturbate to update document verifications using the new verification method, the next day we found that the account was banned, and they did not give us reasons or explanations, we have not been able to download the money for the period of August 15-31 and I have not been able to pay the models that are under the elixirstudio17 account, please, I would greatly appreciate your help since the support does not respond to me, does not propose solutions and does not give me reasons for anything, it is worth highlighting that the elixirstudio17 account does not transmit, it is only a study account,I attach the chaturbate command email to re-verify the documents.


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