Macro Tools to Feed Text to Chat Room Window?

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Jun 27, 2017
A few of my favorite models love to take song requests (for tips). Occasionally - with the model's permission of course - I would like to be able to feed lyrics of the song into the chat room, one line at a time. Is there a macro tool that would make it easy for me to paste the song's lyrics into the clipboard or some part of the application, and then use a keystroke that grabs the next line of text from buffer and pastes that to the chat line?

I am vaguely aware of tools like AutoHotKey for Windows, but I have no idea if those would require extensive scripting to do what I am describing above. I want something that makes this just easy to do. I do not want to be writing code to just share some song lyrics occasionally.
Sep 20, 2016
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Auto hotkey would probably be the best option. However I would advice against posting the lyrics in chat, once the novelty wears off it will only be seen as disruptive. Also people will have different amount of delay on the video feed so when the music and text seems to be in sync for you it will be more or less out of sync for everyone else and that will definitely be annoying for people. I work with digital TV and know how cranky people become when the STB texting isn't synced properly with the picture.
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