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  1. NoraSkyes

    Best Streaming Experience?

    I am looking to up my stream quality, I live in a shed so I have no ability to connect to solid wifi and I have been using my phone's hotspot. I have been told my streams are choppy, lag and I have been told by a few guys that they would have taken me private if not for the poor FPS. I am...
  2. M

    How to stream video games on MFC?

    hey guys! I’ve been doing cam shows for MFC for about a week and a half now. And I’m having issues with trying to stream games. I got Many Cam, AND OBS but neither will work with MFC. Every time I try to stream to MFC my viewers say they only see a white screen. Nothing else. But the gam stream...
  3. C

    None cum show model

    Hi, I am interested on my free cams, I was wondering if any of you have had success being a none cum show model and if there. Saddly I don't have access to the cam girls section and I cannot verify yet neither, so excuse me if I am being redundant. Hopefully I will be able to dig on that...
  4. Naomi Skyee

    MFC Skype Question

    I've been camming for about a year now, but I just recently started using mfc and have been having an issue no other site has caused me before; so I was wondering if anybody knew how to help solve it, or if it is even solve-able. I keep getting messages on my Skype account, I typically just...
  5. Smores

    Macro Tools to Feed Text to Chat Room Window?

    A few of my favorite models love to take song requests (for tips). Occasionally - with the model's permission of course - I would like to be able to feed lyrics of the song into the chat room, one line at a time. Is there a macro tool that would make it easy for me to paste the song's lyrics...
  6. M

    How to customize profile of MFC

    I am a really new model and I want my profile to stand out. I've seen other models that have awesome profiles with pictures in the background and some that have animation to them. If someone could help me out with this I would really appreciate it!
  7. arielxoxo

    mfc profile?

    Hey guys! I'm just wondering how important would you say a custom profile on mfc is? I want a cute profile and was going to pay for one but idk, is it worth it? or should i just leave it be?
  8. K

    Shibari on MFC: against the rules?

    Is non-restrictive, decorative rope bondage allowed on MFC? I was hoping to incorporate a little bit of shibari into my cam shows, but it seems unclear whether that's allowed or not. Looking at the Rules for Models, it seems fine. "The following things, actual, implied or offered, are...
  9. honey_witchie

    payment & a few other questions for MFC girls

    Hi! I just started on myfreecams and I have some questions for you veteran models (: 1) I was wondering if you have direct deposit can you request to have your payment sent anytime once its reached over $20? Or are there exact days that everyone gets paid whether they have direct deposit or...
  10. gingerboozz

    Any Advice on editing my MFC profile?

    Hey All! I was looking to see if anyone can offer some advice on how to make my profile look top notch without having to pay someone to do it for me? I like the idea of changing it often so I wanted to do it myself. Thank you!
  11. Sarah_Sparkle

    What Am I Doing Wrong?!

    I am still kinda new on MFC and I cant figure out how to get anyone to come into my room and then to stay and actually participate! I try talking, dancing, teasing, offering prizes, ect. and still NOTHING. I am starting to get really discouraged :/ If anyone can come into my room and check...
  12. xxsophiax

    Camming Horror Story: I might have a stalker

    So, yesterday, I googled my camgirl name, and I found out that all of my shows have been recorded by a bot who has been putting them on various sites. I'm pissed off, but I'm not too alarmed by this, as it's something I expected when going into this field. All I have to do is file a DMCA report...
  13. S


    okay so I'm new to MFC and probably only have been on the site for a month. I do not want this going through my parents at all so I chose to be paid my check, which I haven't received or cashed yet. However, I've made more than 600 dollars which is when we start getting tax forms right? I've...
  14. S

    MFC Question Regarding Check Payment?!

    So I recently started modeling on my free cams this month. Long story short I made over 1k in like, a week. Mind blown. But I want my payments to be discrete and not obvious to my parents because they are connected to my card account. They would be so confused if a sudden 1,000 dollar...
  15. Raven Reznor

    New site help? :)

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for some tips and possible guidance through Chaturbate?! :) I just made an account and I will be doing it along side my boyfriend. I also go on mfc. So I kinda see the same idea. But I heard it's better than mfc. Thoughts? Some advice? I'm a new girl and I genuinely...
  16. A

    Concerned about fake tips...

    Hey, I just had my first evening on MFC and a guy pm'd me asking for a Skype show for 8000 tokens. He tipped in pm beforehand, then during the show he asked for extras for a further 10000 which he also tipped in pm. The tips looked legit, it wasn't like he had typed it out or posted something as...
  17. P

    MyFreeCams Wikipedia page

    A while back I created the Wikipedia page for MyFreeCams -- -- which remains a short and in some aspects rudimentary, but still decently informative page. A number of things I've tried to add have been kicked out by the Wikipedia admin-types, such as...
  18. lunafoxx

    Advice for drawing a crowd?

    Hey guys, I started on MFC about a week and a half ago with my friend. The first couple days were great, but then my new model status disappeared and I have been battling a steadily dropping camscore, and am struggling to retain people in my room. I try to run games, chat with my regulars (and...