MFC Question Regarding Check Payment?!

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Feb 8, 2017
So I recently started modeling on my free cams this month.

Long story short I made over 1k in like, a week. Mind blown.

But I want my payments to be discrete and not obvious to my parents because they are connected to my card account. They would be so confused if a sudden 1,000 dollar deposit was made into my checking, you know?

I chose to be paid through check. However, MFC's payment info urges models to deposit their checks right into a banking account because it's "much safer and quicker."

I was hoping I could directly turn this check into cash at a local wal mart or something. Is this entirely not a good idea?

Any suggestions? Anyone else get paid through checks? thanks!


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Mar 23, 2016
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Regardless of what your situation is, open your own bank account. Most don't have fees, and it was safer than withdrawing a large amount of cash at Walmart. Google banks in your area and find a branch.

If you don't need the money right away, you can have mfc hold your payment until the next pay period when you get an account situated (payout is the 1st and 16th of the month).

Are you still living at home? I'd advise to be very discreet and careful. You don't want your parents walking in or yelling your real name.

Don't forget that mfc does not take any money out for taxes. You should be putting away at LEAST 30% of your earnings. (So while you are opening a checking account, it would be a good idea to open a savings account too).

Otherwise, congrats! :)
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