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Mistaking camsites for dating sites?

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One day you will realize that none of them are actually being serious.


You don't know what we deal with. Having an entitled member whine to a mutual model friend "Fox doesn't give out her phone number to tippers, because she's paranoid." (So trying to get a fellow model involved in laying on a guilt trip). Because the "Highest tipper gets my phone number" incentive was popular on MFC back in the day.

Ever have a member stop visiting your room because he'd asked "No, what is your real name?"...and then he wasn't satisfied with your answer? Yeah, that's not creepy at all.....
Ever have a member ask you "What's the name of the hotel you'll be staying at, because I want to have flowers sent to your room?"
Ever have a member talk about how you "check all of his boxes," and he wants to know if he can "get to know you better outside of this site?"

I'm guessing no.
They are all being serious, because we are fucking wonderful :party: You're trippin
I guess, serious or not, the difference between your end of these kind of interactions and the model's end is the sheer volume.

The difference is that he doesn't have a clue about the delusional, obsessive, narcissistic kinds of people who show up and the lengths they may go to. They can be fixated and seeking a level of intimacy that is not at all welcome. And they can be resentful and seeking harassment as revenge for being rejected.

I'm just scratching the surface.
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