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My account was banned but i have ways of proof it was an unfair ban.

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Sep 1, 2023
Hi again @punker barbie thanks again for ur response on my last post! i know you said the support team answer the ticket #21864903 saying my documents dont comply with my account ... so after that i answer the same email with other attached documents that proof they are legit but they never reply again after that.
Also i got recently a residence card from the Eu with picture i can send to show my ban was a mistake! im super aware of the rules of the site and also willing to do a new document verification on my account Ninasuicide if thats possible! i have more than 60k followers in there i wont like to lose :( its been my work of years been faithful to the site.

id appreciate some help from you!

Kind regards



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Yes @punker barbie i know chaturbate support answer to this ticket #21864903 but pls help me to someone else human review my last emails with the documents proof i attached! id like to try to be verified again or even be able to create a new account on the site with my documents! :(
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Hey @punker barbie then in this case my account was banned by mistake after they assume my documents were fake and even having proofs they are legit then they cannot assist me anymore? i think is really unfair considering i didnt do anything ilegal and even been legit my documents are banned from create a new performer account also.... theres also a tokens balance that never was cash out in my account Ninasuicide ...
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