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my master account has been banned for more than 15 days.more tahn 30 models are waiting for their money

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Sep 6, 2023
Attention @punker barbie , Chaturbate

Dear @punker barbie ,

Once again I write to you … my name is Jose Manuel Castaño Rojas, owner/operator of Elixirstudio17, d/b/a master Elixirstudio17 Studio in existence for over five years with significant revenues. Our studio is based in Medellin, Colombia and we are extremely focused on working exclusively with your fine brand.
We are increasingly concerned with the situation taken recently to ban the master. As of this writing it continues to be banned. We have not received any notice or explanation whatsoever as to why this occurred and more importantly what can be done to recover the master account. We wish sincerely to continue to be a valued partner with Chaturbate on an exclusive basis and I personally wish to assure you that we have strict internal standards by which we comply with all Chaturbate standards and regulations. We totally respect all rules and regulations and I respectfully submit we have never violated any such rule. We firmly believe this master account ban used for administrative purposes is abnormal and inadvertent. We respectfully ask you to reverse this action.
Also we wish to inquire as to the recent August 16-31 and September 1-15 payout for the hard working models. It is extremely important for us as a best-in-class webcam studio operating legally in Colombia to promptly and properly pay each model in a timely manner.
We wish to reiterate that we are a Chaturbate-centric webcam studio and fiercely loyal to your excellent brand and as such ask you to please personally investigate this situation to offer us a rapid solution.
Thank you in advance for your help.


Jose Manuel Castaño Rojas
Elixirstudio17 Studio
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hello Elixirstudio17 I have the same problem, they don't answer me, they don't pay me. Did they solve something for you? best regars
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