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My very lucrative experience at

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Mar 26, 2018
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I also want to add I really don't believe you are a cammodel, because you told us you are have a photo of a torso. I would like to see some proof. Link your social media perhaps or cam profile. Maybe your VGF profile. This wouldn't be the first time a startup pretended to be a model to get on the goodside of models.

No cammodel says this... Any site that claims to be easy money, we all know is bullshit.

Glad I wasn't only one thinking this is a fake person. Post says its better than experiences on her other sites like Chaturbate and Cam4, so could you least link your profiles there @Manon28ans ? If you do have chaturbate I know you can be model verified as well cause that's how I began. I agree with previous posts that doing this would at least help down SOME suspicion as to your authenticity to see you've been around a while and actually had those experiences you speak of before this new 'no name' site. Best of luck and apologies if you are legit for the suspicions, but as a cammodel you would know we have to be a very cunning and suspicious bunch to survive in this industry.


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Jul 30, 2013
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No other site does this. They just ban you.

$15000 fine seem pretty excessive and something scummy studios do.

I was wondering after "she" said the percentage.. how do you make that much with a site that doesn't have a site to find girls on? I couldn't find ANY info on the girls available.. Nothing indicating it was even a working site. Either "she" is not a she or she works for this company.
Apr 8, 2018
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1) is more than a caming site
2) 2100$ the first month, just connecting a few hours in the evening

3) From your phone or from your computer, choose what you prefer
4) Forget everything about waiting in front of a cam or about public chat
I hope you enjoyed my first article.
I've written a fair bit of promotional copy, and the word choice and formatting of Manon's post make me strongly suspect that she is either an employee of the site or a freelancer being paid to drum up business.
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