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Payout Options Through WebMoney

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May 22, 2022
Ladies and Gentlepeeps,

My friend is a model that used to stream on BongaCams.

She's trying to get paid out through WebMoney into a Visa/Mastercard account. WebMoney is blocking the transfer and won't give any real reason why. Only that "Unfortunately withdrawals to the bank account are not available for your account. Request was rejected by the company operating the service." Their customer service is less than helpful.

Even if she she is successful, the transfer fees are 35% of the total amount, which seems criminally excessive.

My question is, if she manages to transfer it to crypto, then pay out from there, how much in transfer fees are likely to be lost? Has anyone else had these problems recently?

Is this because WebMoney is an RU run business and their relationship with Visa/Mastercard are compromised?

Hmmm. Any input would be helpful, thanks!
yes, webmoney set some restrictions. Try to use crypto (usdt erc20), the comission there is pretty low ;)

also, she may set a russian card instead of webmoney in her account
Well she isn't Russian heh, but she does have a UnionPay card, same issue.

We did find an intermediary site that might enable her to transfer it all out while taking about 10%. It's quite a large amount so losing 35% on fees is a massive loss.

Hopefully it all works out, so for those trying to use WebMoney, be wary if you have a Visa/Mastercard account!
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I usually switch my payment method from Paxum to USDT and vice versa in case if the currency value has changed a bit. Hope you worked that out.
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