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Tip notifications, custom-made watermark username, social media overlay in OBS during a broadcast. Bitrate and frames dropping during rapid tips.

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Mar 25, 2020
East Coast United States
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Hi! My name is Scarlet Laicee. I am a cam model for Chaturbate. I see models that have custom made watermark names and social media overlays on their screen when they are broadcasting. I was curious what website I could use to create or a program I can use to do that. I DO broadcast through OBS and I have some overlay graphics already but I'm having trouble finding a website to create nice overlays like some of the top models have. Also I have been using TipAlerts to show tip notification through graphics that show up on the screen when users tip. But I want to explore my options and see what other programs and websites are out there that can do this. Also when users send rapid tips my broadcast get glitchy and freezes sometimes during the process. My bitrate and frames drop too, this mostly happens when rapid tips come in but occasionally happens out of the blue and I can't get the bitrate and frames to settle unless I restart my computer. In OBS, I have tried trouble shooting and I use the "tools" tab at the top and click "Auto-Configuration Wizard" before every broadcast to make sure my stream will be as good as can be. It is better, but when I get rapid tips, my bitrate and frames start to drop fast. I have tried to contact Chaturbate support and after some troubleshooting on their end they can't find a problem. I have adjusted my resolution different times as well. Any helpful advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!
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