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Trying to get paid on Streamate

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Feb 24, 2021
So my account is all approved, my money isn’t being “held” any longer, I spoke to support yesterday finally.. now on my account is says in yellow “your recent changes are pending review by the accounting department”... wouldn’t that have been reviewed the other day when they finally lifted the hold for payments?
Anyways I’m curious what that means but my real question is how do I get paid now? I have almost $1200 I want to cash out.
I applied for wire payment as well, and I live in Canada, so how long would that take to deposit? And how can I tell if I’m approved for daily pay or weekly?


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Jul 25, 2014
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Streamate doesn't do daily pay. If you want daily pay check out boylen models. It's a virtual studio. Streamate pay is weekly.

If you still haven't had your payment approved, contact Liz.
Payouts go out every Thursday. I see it in my account on Monday. Tuesday if Monday is a holiday.
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