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Use my friend’s identity on new account

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Sep 15, 2020
Chicago, IL
I’m wondering if you know how can I get the new tag option? I wrote an email To Chaturbate they say it’s only for my first 7 days.
I lost it and I’m wondering if I can create a new account with my best friend’s id(ask her to do the verification).
Does she going to see any of this? I mean she said she can help me But she doesn’t wants to get letter or whatever from Chaturbate. Even if I use her verification can i still tax from my name and get paid for mybank account etc etc...:) thank you
Nov 12, 2017
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And what are you going to do after those 7 days of "new" run out? Ask another friend? And another and another?
Even if this was possible, SHE needs to be on the cam EVERY time it broadcasts, even if she then hides her face the entire show. At some point, at the beginning of the show, she needs to show her face on the stream so it can be confirmed it is her broadcasting. This is exactly why this is something that needs to be done - so people are who they say they are.

Wait, did your original account get banned, or are you just wanting the new tag, so you can hopefully get more/new members/tippers/viewers?
Apr 29, 2019
find clues in my twitter profile
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I lost it and I’m wondering if I can create a new account with my best friend’s id(ask her to do the verification).
No, don't usurp any id, you would be banned fast.

You got banned from the site so now...
I don't think that it's the case so :

It's better to create a new one with the same Ids and let your 1st room inactive.
If you're not already banned and expect only the 'new' tag, this is fully accepted.

Then build a real room there and don't create many rooms to keep this tag, it's really not interesting.

ETA: have you issued this other post?
Else answers are also for you:
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