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~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

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Don't mind admitting I've had a grown-up crush on Gwen Stefani for as long as I can remember....... <sighs>
One of my favourites is ND's cover of Talk Talk's timeless "It's My Life":

Oh Hell yeah!

I have been into that song a lot lately myself.

Also props for putting the original up as well. But I would have never known about that one had it not been for No Doubt and it is one of those rare gems that makes the song their own for their own time IMO.

Along the same lines:


I had a couple of shows, a few weeks ago, where people had me strip to music, and they chose the song. Particularly enjoyed the shows, and really digging this track ever since! Strangely relaxing :) Thanks Universe for those guys 🤍

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sounds like what Harry Potter would put on as a DJ :cool:
It sounds good on equipment with a full bass range, otherwise, it sounds bad. This one is even better though hahahahahaha ...

this is hilarious! someone took my favourite Metal song, cut out the original voice via karaoke tech and put the bee gees stayin alive vocals n top of it. lol


bee gees

it hurts in a funny way
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