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What's your chill out game?

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I like to fire up a circuit racing game like Forza Motorsport or F1. Its soothing to drive around a track and get into a nice rhythm :)
I played a lot Gran Turismo 1, 2 and 3 when I was young. Doing it good, gearbox in manual, and doing good races.

Today 20 years later, I'm playing to Gran Turismo Sport on PS4, and the image below is a very accurate representation of myself:

No Man's Sky has apparently added space whales today. A lot of recent NMS updates have been pretty combat-focused, which isn't very chill. But now there's space whales.
I really like Death Stranding when I want to chill out. I just deliver packages for a while and listen to Norman Reedus deliver some quips.

Siralim Ultimate is another one. It's a really complex monster collection game, and it's neverending. So I put in a couple hours here and there when I feel like it.
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