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Hello I'm Maya! I'm a cam girl and have been on Chaturbate for about a month now. I love to sing in my room and I'm a classically trained singer. I was on CB about 4 years ago when I was in college, but I quit because I just didn't have the time for it.
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Hey I’m Soriah, also known as Queen Saint. I cam on Streamate, Stripchat, and MFC. I’ve been a cam model for 6 years on and off. I love school for audio engineering. I’m a homebody who loves playing video games, writing poetry, and even crocheting. I make YouTube videos and I also run a book club with 1500 members and counting! I’m looking forward to learning so I can increase my profits and also giving advice to help out others.
Hello I'm Maya! I'm a cam girl and have been on Chaturbate for about a month now. I love to sing in my room and I'm a classically trained singer. I was on CB about 4 years ago when I was in college, but I quit because I just didn't have the time for it.

Hey girl! That is so cool, classical music? I bet your voice sounds amazing!
Hi im Angela ive been on MFC model since 2016 and i been watching my archives videos i just want to know if i can watch the other persons cam as well during the privates? I like watching guys jerk off to me and i wish i can see it again

let me know thanks
Hello ya'll...
I'm totally new here. Trying out the web cam thing. Totally my first time... if you have advice. Muah!!! 🤟
Hi everyone! I am about 5 weeks into camming on MFC-My name is Raina but you can find me on MFC as JuiceePeach24-I have absolutely loved this journey so far and I am very excited about all I can learn here from other models and users. 😘😘
Hi! hoping this thread is still active! My name is Lila the Kat and I'm a Trans woman who specializes in fetish content!!!!
I'm interested in chatting with any cam babes that want to share their knowledge and discuss the intricacies of the kink/fetish of sex work.

You can find me on Chaturbate if you'd like to say hi!
Hi! I'm Yue. I've been in the industry for over 5 years, but I'm new to camming!
Hi! I'm Roxii, I'm a new cam model on CB just learning the ropes. I'd love to make friends with other models and get advice on how to get the most out of the platform. I'm dedicated to gaining success camming and any advice is appreciated! 20200723_212514_08.jpg
Greetings earthlings, I am nomadic314.

I have traversed the land in search of the meaning of pi(e) 3.14159.....

Do you like pi? Well I do too. I can't seem to get enough of it. Sharing is caring so give a love one the gift of pi. The earth is round so the ratio of its cirCUMference to its diameter is the reason I'm here. That's simply put is Pie.

My quest has lead me to all sorts of Pi(e), currently I'm studying the affects of creampi(e).
A bit about me:

24, aquarius, 5ft3in, 160lbs, artist, wildchild, radical. is my home and the first camsite I joined and still love. Started in june 2019 until now, only in 2020 have I started getting more serious. Camscore is like 1500. 800+ friends.
MfcShare is my second home, LOL. #600ish ranking, 140ish followers, 2.7ish views.
Highest tip was 6,000ish tkns.

Certified nanny is what i do as my day job.

Natural, amateur, kind, sweet, cool, 420 friendly, submissive, blonde, blue eyes, pawg booty queen, big tits, curvy, funny, smart, cute, genuine, natural, fat pu$$y, thick, shaved, eyes/lips, personality, pretty, young, girlnextdoor are a few things that seem to be my "niche." I'm just raw, and my guys love to gas me up lol.

I'm not trying to be a film star or anything, I would just love to quit my job and make my living as an amateur camgirl cause it's fun and I love it. It's barely a job and kind of a hobby that pays.

I'd love to make some camgirl friends or whatever. We can work together and help each other out? I have twitter! Also, I have a cat.

My twitter handle is @AshleeRaindrop
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Hey everyone!

I started camming on MFC mid 2013, stopped, started again in 2015, stopped, started stripping, stopped... you get the idea. I've also sold clips on ManyVids on and off. I used to clean, organize, and be a personal assistant to a hoarder and then I worked in a bong factory so regular jobs have never really been my thing. I hope to gather tips and tricks and get started with camming and making clips once again but better this time so it sticks. I've always been a nude but non-explicit model (what I call a tease model) so I'd continue in that style.

I have too many hobbies and interests these days. I enjoy TV and movies, arts and crafts, the podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno (hence my name), and I recently got into carpentry with my boyfriend so we could build furniture for our house together.
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Hi I'm Alma, a part time cam model. I work a bit on chaturbate sometimes, though my room is usually pretty dead. I used to work on cam4 back in the day, but I can't seem to figure out chaturbate, or maybe it's just the fact that I came back during the corona virus rush. Or it might be my new audience, (I do better with Europeans and chaturbate is American) but I am Californian so I am fucked by the new "AB 5" law which is supposed to "protect" COUGH COUGH *render unemployed* COUGH COUGH camgirls and other independent contractors here.

I have a few manageable disorders individually that in combination make camming the easiest job for me, including epilepsy (seizures), Ehler Danlos Hypermobile type, and ADD.

Anyway, so I came here to talk to you guys and see if maybe another California girl might help me out with a suggestion. :h:

Chaturbate: slamminpussy
instagram: slamminpuss
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Hiya all,
I'm Jamie 32 from Wales, not sure how I found this site but seems very friendly so thought I'd sign up. I've got a cam channel on chaturbate if you want to take a look usually on most Fridays and Saturday nights. Username is josiepvc_ oops should of said I'm a crossdresser to lol
I'm Doxxxy! Camgirl who's just gone full time woohoo! Looking forward to making more camgirl friends and some tokens :blackalien: You'll find me usually hanging out painting, drinking coffee, or getting weird with my girlfriend baby_spyce :h:

You can find me on twitter, MFC, and CB as doxxxy__ (two underscores ;) )
Hello! I am Bulletzen, and model under different names. Quite new to this and this forum has been invaluable in helping me!
👋 Hi everyone! New here, just a guy no longer 20 and not 40 yet. I like having fun a chatting with new friends when I finally get to relax which is hard to do for me since I'm always on the go. The cam thing is pretty cool although even new to watching performers it allows everyone to talk and have fun with others in the world 🌎. Wanna try a cocktail some time but honestly not sure what to expect or prepare for. Honestly might even be interested in trying to cam my self. Is it worth the attempt?
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Good afternoon! I'm 25, and was a non nude cam model when I was 18-19 still living with my parents. They found out and weren't thrilled about my job of "talking to people online in exchange for money", so I had to let it go. Years later, I'm now back and ready to jump back in. I used to cam on LiveJasmin and have recently rejoined as this is the only site I'm familiar with, though much has changed over the years, lol. Considering giving MFC or CB a shot if LiveJasmin doesn't work out for me. If only I still looked the same as I did when I was 19. 😂
My name is kandie. I'm looking to get into porn pics and movies. Can somebody please help me a little please. I am new to this and needing to get a few pointers on this site. Thank you very much for your time. Kandace
Heyo, everyone! I'm Shura Rose, as of right about now. I've had very limited experience with camming in the past with partners already involved in the industry, on account of my exhibitionism, just enough to know its something I can both tolerate and enjoy. I'm a trans woman, and to be rather direct about it, I'm saving up for a whole new face (yaaaaaay), so I decided to make my exhibitionism into a full time job opportunity. Don't you just love the modern world that way? Anyway, I stumbled upon this forum on my arduous quest to learn all the ~secrets~ and quickly realized I had stumbled upon a honey pot of valuable resources, and perhaps even a community well worth my time. I'm a fresh little greenhorn, as I mentioned, so every little detail counts if I am to ever hit my longterm goals. Here's to hoping this experience will open me to a world of whales looking for that girlfriend material with a little extra in the crotch area and a tall order of kink, ideally at least one who can cover my anesthesia bill. 🤭