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Hey pretty people :)

I'm a talent manager & part of the team at Che** 🍒, its a fresh project bringing new wind to the webcam market, new user experience, and new opportunity for girls.

I'd like to ask what is the best way to spread the word about us here at the Ambercutie community. I don't want to spam around but I don't want to call it an advertisement either. I'm really stocked I could be the first one here to tell you more about us and get you on board :)

We are launching in July, yay :)

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Hi, my name is Joey and I just recently started camming. I have been a fan of the industry for a while and I found this site while looking for support with my account getting hacked lol.
Amber, I would just like to give a very large "Thank You" for providing this resource here. This is a very valuable site, especially for the models who might have some questions or need solutions to problems, as well as those of us who are fans!
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Hi, I'm Mila, I like horror movies, videogames, gardening and cooking, looking to make new friends in mfc, talk about strange things like aliens and ghosts.
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Lol easy..

I'm a new cam model .. SOUL LOVE.. soullov on chaturbate!! African Male and here to explore the webcam world!
Its hard.. 🙈.. i mean being unemployed and i have nothing but respect for the universe and how it works!! Am a fun filled gent lol

Got issues tipping and converting tips to cash, I'm hoping the problem gets solved! Been meeting great people out there and enjoying the community!!.. #LetLove #SoulLove


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Hi Cuties!

Max here, 30 Year Old Male - South African. Just started camming and here for all the good things, and any of the bad!

I also do custom bio and model profile design and development, so, please shout if you need any help.

A few things about me... fell 20m off a mountain side a year a go and well, here we are. Recently adopted a super cute rescue named Oscar. Half Italian / Half German.
Prefer animals to humans, unless those humans want to sex me, then its fair game. (I guess...) 🤦‍♂️

Here to learn about all things cammy and hopefully learn a few tips and tricks on how to grow my following and earnings. (So if you are the person/entity with the formulae... Hand it over tough guy/girl!...)


Stay awesome,
(So if you are the person/entity with the formulae... Hand it over tough guy/girl!...)
No.. .hand it over to me lol

plankton GIF

That probably wasn't meant to be a SpongeBob reference, but hey, its a great show... :rofl:
Hello There! 51 year old mature cam model here living in Quebec. Any Canadians ? Looking forward to sharing, learning and connecting. Cheers


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Hello There! :)
We are a new website where cam models can promote themselves for free.
We want to tell everyone, but without spamming.
@AmberCutie not really too sure if allowed or where to post, but I also run an online adult store that ships internationally that stocks over 4000 products as well. Also, in regards to verification, i totally understand the reason behind getting to know one and activity on the platform first, but... how long would that necessarily take? - not that it matters, as ill be on here most of the time snooping for ways to win the hearts of the masses and complete world domination. 😂
Hello! My name is Dove and I have been lurking on ACF for so long. I thought it was about time to make an account! I would love to learn and contribute to threads about camming as I have been a cam model for almost one year!
Hey all- was an active model for a brief but glorious time, and now making some big life changes. I don't regret it a bit, but because I want to safegaurd the best future possible for myelf, I'm going to be here for a while learning and asking about removing some copyrighted content of mine. Looking forward to getting to know some of you lovely people, I used this forum as a resource a lot while I was active, and I continue to use it now on the other side of things, so I owe it a lot!
Just watch out, the ladies and members here clearly aren't the most welcoming. Just don't crack a joke or be misunderstood. God forbid, and good luck! 😅
You didn't learn anything from your early interactions here, did you?