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Hi guys. My name is Antonia and on CB i go by (marky_anthony_). I am new in camming and so for now i only stream on Chaturbate. Im thinking to try Bongacams and Cam4 too. I joined this site, cause i find it very helpful and would love to share experiences. I am passionate about sex and i love to show myself having fun. Did i mention im trans? :p Ill be streaming tonight starting 20:00 (London time)

My Twitter account is new. I will add more and content!

Twitter: @ProximaAnthonia
Chaturbate: marky_anthony_
BongaCams: coming soon
Cam4: coming soon
I have been working in marketing for 13 years and have been creating some of the most popular influencers on Facebook and Instagram in the European Union. I used to work for a large agency that focused on acquiring collaborations and social media relationships through Instagram and other platforms. For the past three years, we have been actively working on OnlyFans as well.

We are not just another agency that attaches itself to the percentages in exchange for automatic writing or bot attachment. We actually take care of everything, building our girls' Instagram accounts in a way that they can earn money and travel for free. We create content for them that can be used in advertising campaigns, which helps them secure paid collaborations promoting things they need in life. Additionally, we direct their profiles to people with whom they want to be friends, influencing the subconscious of these individuals.

My clients are actively working on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, while also working on OnlyFans or cam sites. Our goal is to build social media accounts that are classy and elegant, and do not damage the models' reputations.
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@punker barbie can i ask helped ? My account was banned for 2 days now . I have contacted support for several times but i didnt get any single response . I believe the reason why this happened . I had my client in chaturbate and we had private session as you can see it . I gave him show and also sent him videos in whatsapp and i know he is satisfied . He wanted to meet me but i refuse because its against the rules and regulations in chaturbate . He got mad and divert anything to his favor because he spent tokens but i have worked for it i also sent him videos because i am A mistress and we all know being a mistress all you have to do is to spoil her and make her a princess . I think its his way for him to get back his tokens after having session with him and then do it with other trans models in chaturbate which is kinda unfair . You can see we have private session and you will see how much i worked hard for it and you gonna see how he enjoyed our session he keeps showing his ass for several times spreading wanting my cum inside him . So unfair for us models we dont get right protection from that kind of members By the way my username is monstercockgoddessxx .I wished you can help me lift my suspensions because i still have tokens there from my models and they also need the funds . Thank you
Hello lovely ladies, I'm restarting up as a model. My name is Lacy and I'm 36. I enjoy crocheting, playing video games, and listening to music. I often get mistaken for younger than I am.
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Hi guys!
I’m TJ aka COCOSTACKZ and currently cam on CB which has changed my life forever. I’m new to camming but kicking myself for not starting 10 years ago lol
Hi I'm boypaws! Amateur clip maker, been on manyvibs for a couple years. Decided to dip my toe a little more into the community and working up. Happy to be here
Hi, I'm Ellie! I've found a lot of great advice through this site and I wanted to become more involved and get to know more people in the online cammunity! I got started in adult content on Fansly in 2021 and today marks one month since I started webcamming on Chaturbate. I learned about the adult industry mainly through discovering BDSM porn and realizing there's many people out there like me who enjoy weird shit!
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Hello, I am a independent camgirl who works for a long time on chaturbate, I am only here for one reason, but since I am already here I might come here more often.
So the thing is this user "hocctheblackmamba" is harassing many camgirls, he comes with many different usernames and writes very rude insulting things which are not true, he records camgirls without their permission and posts the videos on twitter and pornhub under the same username, he also threatens camgirls to post more of their videos like it is nothing, honestly he is scary. He was reported to chaturbate support, with all the proof, but he was not banned, how is he allowed to do such evil things? Be careful, fellow camgirls.
Hi! I’m Miss Gia, I’m from the South and I love tattoos, shopping, and watching movies! I express my naughty side on the internet when I'm not playing housewife 😏 Latina MILF 5'2"
I adore being spoiled as both a femdom and occasionally a sub if the right Dom comes around!
I am a very open-minded and compassionate woman which means I am open to trying a lot of new things!
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Hey there, AmberCutie's Forum!

I'm Lima Dreams Official, or you can just call me Nat, a fun and flirty content creator straight from the heart of Lima, Peru! I've just joined this fabulous community and can't wait to mingle with all of you lovely people.

Not only am I an OnlyFans adult model, but I'm also a total geek at heart! I love all things nerdy, from comic books to sci-fi movies. Oh, and did I mention that I'm a pianist? That's right, my fingers can work wonders both on and off the keyboard. 😉

I'm excited to share my tantalizing content and make some steamy connections here! Let's get cheeky together! 💋


Hi-ya!!!! I'm Roxy the renegade vyxx3n! I've been in this wonderful underworld of gloriousness for many years.. who I was stay for a short time and now I'm back but things have drastically changed... So. I'm looking for some kind of pointing in so.e kinda money making having fun direction. Oh and I have afuck ton of ideas just need the right team mates!!!
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Hi, I am Katthya. I am 28 years old. I love play league of legends. I am from a beautiful latin city and I am married since 1 year ago. I would like to be part of this world and meet many people.
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Been Trolling this site for years so here I (finally) am. I JUST found out Stripperweb was closed. I am just gutted. I guess this is my new go to site. I was DeepThoughts on SW incase anyone remembers me. Le Sigh. Well Im off to check the Streamate Thread. Gonna park myself there and see whats new.
I’m trippin. I got an email saying I’m ready to work. It gave me a user name and a password. Not what I chose. It had a link and I logged in. All I see are like sessions, money earned, nothing about my page. Where am I supposed to login? And isn’t your phone supposed to ring if you get a call? Help!! Also, where do I change profile pic and add videos?