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  1. ClaraBlack

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    Spanish model here: I only do MFC and when I started out I did it with my european IP and traffic was worse than shit. Btw, USA Ip worked very bad for me too. Then switched up to UK and finally I got loads of traffic in comparison of before and I could get my regs :). If you don't like a model...
  2. ClaraBlack

    What did you make in the first month of your cam career?

    During my first months, which were right before starting uni I look back and I made shit lol, but considering I was unemployed and everything it was good money for my personal costs. The good thing is that I've made a few regulars, which in the end is the most important, I still remember them.
  3. ClaraBlack

    Paxum is getting me nervous

    I use Paxum and it is....weird. They have improved a lot during these last years tho. Also they are usually late replying tickets but I can "guanratee" you that they will respond (i've opened a bunch of tickets with them for reference). I would not keep my savings with them apart from because...
  4. ClaraBlack

    Is it still possible to be successful if...

    I feel you!! I am on the same boat, althouth in my case I would love to try to cam consistently and building a community but because of my situation I am not able at the moment :(. You definetely should give it a try to sell vids, but if it helps about my experiencie, try to cam whenever it is...
  5. ClaraBlack

    My experience with MFC / Models Earnings

    I think some of you may be forgetting than 4000$ in the US may be not much, but in other countries you can live pretty well and that's more money than the average income. In my country, Spain, that amount is pretty good, not many people earn that, you won't be living like a millionaire but after...
  6. ClaraBlack

    Can you be a successful camgirl with a shitty setup?

    From my personal experience, I started with a very shitty equipment; low internet speed (0.9 upload speed OMFG) and a creepy webcam (Trust 720) and I didn't get any sort of success; my room was empty af. So while you can get that above things covered you shouldnt worry much about the rest of...
  7. ClaraBlack

    Videos on profile & PM's

    The first thing is made by hotmail codes like this: <a title="Tittle that shows up when you scroll cursor " href=" OFFLINE TIP URL"><img src="The pic of the image you want to link to the offline tip"...
  8. ClaraBlack

    What type of equipment do you guys use to shoot your videos?

    I've always recorded my videos with Logitech c930e with 720p or 360p quality ahd never had a complain about how it looks. All pics I took and all the content I've made for mfc is made with the webcam.
  9. ClaraBlack

    Salty as a healthy lifestyle :D

    Salty as a healthy lifestyle :D
  10. ClaraBlack

    Why do some models hide their camscores?

    I hide it when I'm not "proud" of it and therefore it may give the impression that I'm not doing it well on MFC. I only show it when is above 1K.
  11. ClaraBlack

    MFC rooms are getting more and more quiet

    I did it myself today because of how slowly MFC was today and I often do it when its crazy slow! But doing it always, I don't see it a good idea, most of time I prefer to sell them as expensive as I can because selling it more exclusive is a good marketing strategy (in my opinion ofc); if you as...
  12. ClaraBlack

    MFC rooms are getting more and more quiet

    Maybe most of you have noticed it, but I have seen that the bumber of girls camming this year is higher than usual it was 1 or 2 years ago and the numbers of tippers have remained or even decreased (I can't judge properly as I'm not a full time model or a top earner). Also it has seen that most...
  13. ClaraBlack

    Models with natural curly hair

    I'm a curly girl!! My hair reaches my waist and it's very curly naturally, I used to hate it by heart all my life since I learnt to take care of it and rocking it! Curly hair doesn't mean ugly hair!! I have to admit is a pain in the ass wearing it without frizz (I must let it dry heat-less, if...
  14. ClaraBlack

    Where to store vids?!

    I like Mega
  15. ClaraBlack

    I'm not a girl, I'm poison

    I'm not a girl, I'm poison