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    What is a model ban you feel bad about?

    Maybe she was a friend of the models. I've been banned several times for repeating what other people have said when a model is blatantly ignoring tips, or deceiving visitors. I've since learned through this forum that it just part of the "hustle" so I don't bother anymore, not that I visit cam...
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    Do you like/prefer/want a model to greet you when you enter their room?

    Remembered, or recorded? It's my understanding that visitors tip history is visible to models, as well of course as the chat history. It's all part of the illusion I guess. that people want to pay for.
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    Do you like/prefer/want a model to greet you when you enter their room?

    I didn't realise CB encouraged models to greet visitors. Sometimes I pop in to get a better view than the thumbnail and don't notice the PM or chat .... I have returned after browsing other rooms and been greeted with "you came back!" occasionally, which used to surprise me as the model hadn't...
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    I've never got used to guys referring to girls as "mate" Dude is an American thing I suppose, and I only notice it on TV/films., almost exclusively in a humorous setting. I thin your example is from a different culture altogether, someone taking a break from making scam calls :cool:
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    So sad to see you here again

    Update: I decided not to make contact this time round, as the only change she made was something I didn't like and I didn't want to be negative towards her, or lie about the change. Anyway, at some point in the last couple of weeks she was banned; no idea what for but if she does appear again, I...
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    Tokens swapping mods & models Similar discussion had recently in the above thread
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    Banned account for no reason while I was on holiday

    still looks banned to me
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    banned models, redo the account

    It's already been stated elsewhere that shirley is not the only person using the punker account to respond. I've been telling models I'll be visiting them on other sites for a couple of weeks as CB has no respect for them or many users.
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    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    That gravityfolz girl starts hidden cam shows in one account, abandons it with a load of newbie punters waiting for her to do something, then goes to her other account to laugh at them with her team of moderators. Nice to know at least one strip site that wont put up with her "hussle."
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    CB Anonymous Browsing Intentionally Crippled?

    i haven't noticed anything since the last time I used it .... some rooms are crap, most are fine.
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    Why I cannot send token? It's always say that I am not able to send tip. Please contact Chaturbate Support.

    There seems to be a lot of these complaints about CB, as with banned accounts. If OP can't "send" tokens, they must have already bought them, so surely the card/bank side of things is fine?
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    Supporter/VIP Status Confusion

    July, as I bought it a couple of days ago, in June ;) Ha, you edited it, lol!
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    Supporter/VIP Status Confusion

    I bought it a couple of days ago as a one off and nothing displaying out of order.
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    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    Amongst all the crap i've read from grey members on CB, I regularly see something along the lines of "It's crazy that I can watch this at thirteen years old!" I do wonder how many genuinely are underage
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    Would you kick this guy or ignore him?

    Does the model do the same hours every week? Maybe it's someone like a security monitor who has several screens to watch over and he likes having her there for company, but can't interact (or maybe just doesn't want to pay)