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  1. Kitty_Blue

    A Bad Day On Cam

    *hugs* and sending you love
  2. Kitty_Blue

    Splitcam OBS

    Okay, I understand it better.. But I can't open multiple OBS windows on my Mac :/
  3. Kitty_Blue

    Splitcam OBS

    Sorry, this is gibberish, what do you mean by "instances" Is that "scenes"?
  4. Kitty_Blue

    Does CamYou Still Not Affect Camscore?

    Is this rule still true or do you find that your camscore fluctuates anyways?
  5. Kitty_Blue

    Reselling Customs

    I'm not sure what's fair to price a video that's being resold. Should I do half the price of the custom, 1/4? Models, what do you do? And members, what do you think is fair?
  6. Kitty_Blue

    Performing Arts Ideas For Cam (And fitness!)

    I've tried the silks and I love them!! Though not on cam but I could I'm just out of practice...
  7. Kitty_Blue

    What are some changes you'd like to see implemented on MFC?

    There's also one where the tips go towards the count and says who tipped but doesn't say how much was tipped, I'll ask the guy that does it in my room!
  8. Kitty_Blue

    Miss MFC 2018

    You can change it before the month is over and before all the counting, I think..
  9. Kitty_Blue

    How many hours and months can it take to build a successful cam room on mfc?

    Right now I can only cam two nights a week because I don't want to take away too much time from my day job and my main source of income. Should I add more days to my camming schedule? Or wait to rebuild a following to expand?
  10. Kitty_Blue

    Miss you Jessie! Still one of my camspirations! <3 <3 <3

    Miss you Jessie! Still one of my camspirations! <3 <3 <3
  11. Kitty_Blue

    Weird Racial Stuff on MFC

    It has happened to me a few times where guys have been a bit racist in my room. Sometimes it's the N word and other times it's emojis like watermelon, fried chicken and a trap. What I usually do is correct their grammar and ban them immediately. Or explain that I'm a vegetarian and ban them...
  12. Kitty_Blue

    Toys That Respond to Tip Amounts

    If the ohmibod picks up ALL sounds how do girls tune it to the tip sound specifically?
  13. Kitty_Blue

    Toys That Respond to Tip Amounts

    How do you program that? And what toys are programmable like that? How does it know what you got tipped (Like 100-200 tokens for a certain setting and 101-400 for another)? Does anyone have any insight on this?
  14. Kitty_Blue

    Outfit Color

    I like being in white and pink :) Reds are nice too. But dark blue makes me feel super sexy!!
  15. Kitty_Blue

    How Did You Come Up With Your Cam/User Name?

    Well Cherry because of it's virginity symbolism and I started a blog on tumblr called Cherryliqour but I didn't want that for cam name. Plus I think Lana said it in one of her songs. Let's get drunk on cherry wine xx