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    Western Union - Punishment for a scammer?

    Found on Wikipedia
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    Western Union - Punishment for a scammer?

    Hello, court, do you know this guy? *showing photo of a guy with his face almost covered by a flag* He scammed me. Would you put him to jail? Thank you.
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    Western Union - Punishment for a scammer?

    Well, he told me that I need to give him those information so he can send me money.
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    Western Union - Punishment for a scammer?

    Omg, it's so accurate I should print it and hang it on my wall lol
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    Western Union - Punishment for a scammer?

    Yes, he want to get my personal info. He want me to send him: "1. Country (and sometimes department or city) 2. Full name as written in official identity 3. e-mail to send transaction details 4. Phone number for verification"
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    Western Union - Punishment for a scammer?

    Okay, I calmed down, I overreacted. Sorry. I just told him that I'm not interested. Waiting for the situation to develop. Decent guy? Well... I don't think so. Western Union is used to send money to family and friends. He's a random guy, who is telling me stupid shit, urges me to agree for...
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    Western Union - Punishment for a scammer?

    Not for scamming me, but I just want to kick his ass, because he's trying to manipulate me.
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    Western Union - Punishment for a scammer?

    One guy on Cam4, who is from Lebanon suggested me Western Union to send me money. He can only use Western Union, because he can't have a normal bank account. Why? He said He said that he want to help me and he even asked me how much money I have and how much more I need to pay my bills. LOL...
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    My friend recommended me this site, she's the most popular cam girl in my country so of course I singed up. First show was cool, made some money and generally. I was excited. Done research. Not excited anymore. Is it really that shitty? Why? Can you tell me negatives? Fuck, I really started...
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    6k followers and no tips

    Hi, guys! Okay, so... I'm new on chaturbate, but I'm not new to camming. My first two weeks on CB were great, I've made a lot of money, but now? Now nobody's tipping me (okay, sometimes I get 16 tokens :/), I've got barely 100 viewers. Nobody is giving a fuck about me. I dance, I'm naked, I've...
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    Annoying things members do

    There were one guy... We reached the goal, I'm doing the show and this guy I was chatting with before was constantly asking me to pm him, text him on Skype, send him a pic, have a private show with him. He was so annoying, he was sending me shitloads of messages. I banned him, of course, but...
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    Walking Dead

    I have a sentiment to The Walking Dead, I'm watching this show, but in my opinion it's getting predictable and boring. What after Negan's death? Is there gonna be another evil guy trying to kill off Rick's people? Anyway, I'm waiting for next season and I wish they're gonna kick Negan's ass...
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    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

    Arcade Fire! I'm in love with this band.
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    Model Losing Herself

    Maybe she meant struggling with depression, mental health problems?
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    How many cam sites are you on?

    I'm on two sites, but I'm focusing on my "career" on Chaturbate. The other site is the most popular one in my country, sometimes I'm there with my boyfriend, but I'm not feeling safe there. I live with my boyfriend so I don't have much time to be on two sites in one day (also I'm really lazy).