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  1. MissAliss515x

    Skype payment options for Canadians?!

    I use indiebill.
  2. MissAliss515x

    AwesomeAugust 2019 - 10 years of Amber!

    You are such an inspiration! You totally rock it daily and I wish to be at least 5% of what you are capable of lol. Good job!
  3. MissAliss515x

    How to Engage Viewers and Drive Tips?

    Yes, you only take 35% back, but you can charge accordingly. Example: You want to be paid 2$ per minute minimum, charge 5.79$ in private, more in exclusive. Tips will be 35% also, so If you want to get 3.5$ for flashing boobs, charge 10$. I suggest charging less first, then slowly increase your...
  4. MissAliss515x

    How to Engage Viewers and Drive Tips?

    Thank you Miss_Lollipop for your help, I was thinking how could I build shows with a certain structure and you explained it well! Honeybear: maybe you will prefer streamate, no under the belt nudity allowed and it feels more intimate (IMO). You can ask for tips for flashing tits and do not have...
  5. MissAliss515x

    A market for swoliness?

    I started doing yoga poses when I cam and if I have the place. Like standing on the head and it attracts people. There is definetly a market for it. I'm fit and it shows and guys sometimes tip me for flexing ;).
  6. MissAliss515x

    First Coffee Meet...

    Now you know why he's single :haha:
  7. MissAliss515x

    First Coffee Meet...

    You just go with it and be yourself. It's going to be hard and I found out that I went home after dating missing my ex-husband. Let yourself live the experience and meet other guys. Find something you are looking for (or not lol!) . I found that dating different guys made me realised what I...
  8. MissAliss515x

    Social aspect of camming

    Usually I will repeat the questions asked and answer it. If they don't like it they go. Most of them will switch to normal chat and talk. I send messages only to those who tipped me earlier. I will send 2-3 messages then stop if the client ask for too much without giving.
  9. MissAliss515x

    When a member does this.. are you flattered, annoyed or indifferent?

    I just say thank you for compliments with a nice smile and get over it soon. If that guy want to compliment me fine, sometimes it gets me tips, sometimes not. I tend to ignore those who don't tip me after a while.
  10. MissAliss515x

    Why do models want to C2C?

    Well, for me, watching a cam is seeing that I'm not looking silly in front of a computer alone. Plus, my body is ALWAYS reacting to an erection, it's like an action/reaction and I learned to monetize that aspect of my life that I was ashamed before. Guys loved it too so I think it's a very big...
  11. MissAliss515x

    FeelConnect for CB and MFC & We-Vibe Air Clit Stimulator

    And another toy to add to my "To buy list" :haha: I got the Lovense Lush, Lovense Domi is on the way and next, I will try the OhmiBod Fuse or Lovense Nora if I get enough $$.
  12. MissAliss515x

    Social aspect of camming

    I switch between social and porn. Sometimes, if there is nobody tiping, I sit and talk to them about everything. Then, when I feel like the room is up for it, I start acting more sexual to get tips. I feel I can talk a lot more on Streamate than CB or MFC. SM seems to attract a clientele that is...
  13. MissAliss515x

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hey everyone ! I'm MissAliss515x and really excited to start being a camming girl a few times a week. :) !