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  1. Osyrus

    Banned for the second time

    I was literally going to post this and then saw your response a hour later haha, yea if shes agreeing its the way its going to go most likely. Good luck though im sure you will work it out!
  2. Osyrus

    The Friendly Freeloader

    She doesnt need to know about the grey account. Also i dont "spend time" Its more of a hello and how are you and thats about it. If there is more substantial exchange i might say who I was, but its really seldom that happens. Like you, I rarely browse let alone chat.
  3. Osyrus

    The Friendly Freeloader

    Oh if i have zero intention of tipping I don't log in any account. But if i notice a model that might be cool, ill go in and chat w a grey account to see how the interaction goes. Personally if she talks to grey users at all thats a huge plus and makes a good impression on me. Thats just my...
  4. Osyrus

    chaturbate Banned Me

    Pretty sure he is referring to low intelligence, like a caveman had the huge foreheads and brow was low. Whatever he meant, I agree it was pretty damn funny :hilarious:
  5. Osyrus

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Pfft i would forget about getting anything at this point personally. All that finger pointing and bullshit you would have to go through. Pass Sounds like you already have her on mental ignore already, and if shes not reaching out already she isn't really making a effort either but im not...
  6. Osyrus

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    well?! how did it turn out, Forced.:D
  7. Osyrus

    Twitter used by her to bully and hate on cam models

    I did =) A. Lot.
  8. Osyrus

    Twitter used by her to bully and hate on cam models

    Yea probably a fetish or living out a fantasy..maybe a unusual way to express promotion/fan service, who knows. . It sounded like they weren't hurting anyone or bullying so.. Cool for them to get their rocks off where they could. I don't understand it myself, don't need to, as long as no one is...
  9. Osyrus

    Twitter used by her to bully and hate on cam models

    yea this is "her". It looks like i forgot to add the 10 in her name. Anyway, I may or may not have already done some .. engagement .. :D. I didnt use anything that could lead back to any model or site, but whoever is writing the shit in the feed is deranged for sure. It was some really...
  10. Osyrus

    Twitter used by her to bully and hate on cam models

    On Twitter this girl has been on a spree of hate moving from 1 models account to the next preaching god and expressing total disgust for cam models. It seems like shes got some personal grudge or something, it is pretty disgusting reading her feed and uses nasty language to shame her targets...
  11. Osyrus

    Reasons for visiting cam models

    Cute girls, cool conversation and interactions. Opn bobs and pretty smiles. um, chat with people who have common fetishes or kinks. Not any other place you can go to express your inner dirty. Its a fun place to hang out usually, not much else i can say. Edit: oh yea I don't have a problem...
  12. Osyrus

    Camgirl etiquette question about suddenly going private

    I love every word of this and totally agree. :angelic:
  13. Osyrus

    Can you be on chaturbate while on mfc?

    Edit: i realize i read the question wrong, and the answer is yea you can on both sites. Just read the TOS 1st so you dont do something unintentional and get busted by the cam cops. im no model but this is what I've observed with split camming. not opinions, just some things I see happen...
  14. Osyrus

    The shocking truth ...