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  1. SexySteph

    I am!

    I am!
  2. SexySteph

    Dirty talkers are impossible to find

    Streamate is definitely a great place to look! MFC just doesn't foster a culture where dirty talk is exactly the norm. I know when I was on MFC I wasn't comfortable doing dirty talk because my members were my friends and it just felt weird. Sure I could masturbate in private with one of those...
  3. SexySteph

    Let's talk about the cringe crew

    I was wondering the same thing. My roommate wears "skinny jeans" but they're not like this: But I feel like many people consider any type of slim tailored jeans to be "skinny jeans".
  4. SexySteph

    have i ruined my life

    You said you cammed for a month or two? How many hours were you online? I'd say unless you were a super serious cammer, that was on 10+hrs a week, doing shows all the time, with a big Twitter presence with your cam persona, there's no reason to get rid of your "real life" social media...
  5. SexySteph

    Musings on whether or not to let a model know "It's over"

    Because I'm still camming and that's a pretty permanent move. A new account starts with a 1k CS, if I ever return to MFC I have the camscore I left with.
  6. SexySteph

    Musings on whether or not to let a model know "It's over"

    There's probably no nice way of saying "it's probably over for you" so it's best just not to say anything at all. Plus, you don't know you're right. After announcing my retirement from MFC (at age 25) I had quite a few regulars tell me they're sad to see me go but they understand because the...
  7. SexySteph

    Controversial topic! 1 or 2 spaces after a period?

    It depends, am I writing a paper with a minimum page count I need to reach?
  8. SexySteph

    The Trump Presidency Prediction Time Capsule Thread

    What did I just watch???
  9. SexySteph

    The Trump Presidency Prediction Time Capsule Thread

    Wow, they did quite a lot of "Let's word this question as confusingly as possible to get people to support our answer" on that one!
  10. SexySteph

    The Trump Presidency Prediction Time Capsule Thread

    Well this is cool...
  11. SexySteph

    New UK Porn Bill I wonder how this will affect camgirls.
  12. SexySteph

    Who are you voting for?

    Not only that but healthy food (excluding a diet of only beans and rice) is generally more expensive than junk food. I could survive on $21/week if all I ate was frozen dinners, but if you try to eat healthy it gets way more expensive. And that's ignoring the fact that people that are...
  13. SexySteph

    Who are you voting for?

    Well republicans were throwing a fit around 11 pm CST that she was doing "just what the liberals had accused Donald of planning to do" so I think she felt a lot of pressure to just get it over with before it was too late in the night. If she'd waited until the next day there would have been uproar.
  14. SexySteph

    Who are you voting for?

    How... how did we get here? Did you just want to change topics or do you think this is a relevant response to the topic at hand?
  15. SexySteph

    Who are you voting for?

    I think in this case it's pretty dismissible, unless someone from Hillary's team gave him lung cancer/snuck into his hospital room and offed him.