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  1. Shaun__

    Daily Thoughts

    Lovense may be popular and may make models a lot of money, I don't know, but it is tacky looking. Whenever I see the pink antenna I wonder if it attracts android or cyborg fetishists. No hate from me, just my personal preference.
  2. Shaun__

    New Google Mail

    I am just happy they shoving everything into conversations on mobile, and now keep emails seperate and easily seen the same as my desktop settings.
  3. Shaun__

    Erotic Horror Novel recommendations

    I cannot hear erotic horror without thinking of Clive Barker, you have probably already read him though.
  4. Shaun__

    Lies you were told as a child

    I was told adults were smarter than children. Now I know why adults never seemed helpful when I wanted to know something. Ignorance is fixable, but not stupidity.
  5. Shaun__

    What do you in a situation where a model refuses to send a custom video you already paid for?

    Whenever a model played nice to me after not delivering a video I ended up feeling gullible and stupid for trusting them again when I knew better. Slowly but surely I have learned my lesson.
  6. Shaun__

    Amazon Prime showing hidden address with track package

    I have had Amazon third party sellers tell me hidden addresses years ago when asking for ratings. Gift cards makes surprise gifting almost impossible, but for the model on a budget it is a lot cheaper than using a remailing service.
  7. Shaun__

    Why do some MFC members have difficulty moving on from a model leaving?

    It feels weird going to from talking to someone all the time, to them just being gone. It is like who am I going to get free counseling from now?
  8. Shaun__

    Daily Thoughts

    Some days you are the cat, and some days you are the guy. No question which I am today.
  9. Shaun__

    Is it possible to date if you cam?

    I saw a profile saying they were a cam model in a dating app I use, Bumble, earlier this week. We had nothing in common according to her profile, so I did not pay it much attention. I have also seen another profile that looked very cam modelish based on the room and photography skills, so maybe...
  10. Shaun__

    Daily Thoughts

    I bought a random model's snapchat and I am sad to learn she has no pets.
  11. Shaun__

    Do you still use personal checks?

    Some businesses can only be paid with checks. I write one a month to the company that cuts my grass, and for large amounts, like car down payments, that do not need to be cashier checks.
  12. Shaun__

    The Sorting Hat: What House Are You?

    That game is so rigged it is not even funny.
  13. Shaun__

    The Sorting Hat: What House Are You?

    I am a Ravenclaw and my patronus is a magnificent hedgehog. I never understood how Harry could go to a school teaching magic and spend so little time studying magic.
  14. Shaun__

    Amazon is raising the price of Prime to $119

    I used to spend hundreds every year for shipping in the earlier days of the internet, so it is still a great price for me.
  15. Shaun__

    Incel (Involuntary Celibacy)

    I was incredibly surprised to learn about incel. It never would it have occurred to me that blaming another entire gender for me being single was an option. On a more important note has no one ever told these people about masturbation?