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  1. NoraSkyes

    Are Amazon Gift Cards Safe/Legit

    Hey girls I have a question about using Amazon Gift Cards as a form of payment. For years I have always been very strict about my payments, it always had to be upfront and in a solid form that I knew had no risks but today a regular has come to me asking if I accepted Amazon Gift Cards for...
  2. Smores

    Best Practices for Amazon Wish Lists

    I am browsing through some older threads and want to just get confirmation about the current best practices for webcam models who want to show an Amazon Wish List to customers. * The most important idea I am picking up is that the model should never connect any address to the Wish List. The...
  3. arielxoxo

    quick question about amazon gift cards?

    So i dont have an amazon account for a wishlist or anything like that, because I dont have a PO box. All i have is my personal amazon account with my real full name. I have someone who wants to send me a gift card, my understanding is they send me the gift card through any e-mail right? So i...
  4. Heavenleigh83

    Are Amazon gift cards safe?

    hi! Ok so i am in transition from justbbwcams to Streamate but for the next week or so I won’t be on any site. I have a regular member who intends to follow me to the other site but until then has asked for shows through skype or kik. He wants to pay by amazon gift card to me it doesn’t seem...
  5. M

    Quixotic_One Scam

    Hi guys, for people who google stuff before getting cam shows or just generally frustrating with some of the cam systems. I am report a cam girl called "Quixotic_One" on MFC (myfreecams) who scammed me just now. Had me send her an amazon giftcard in exchange for a show. We worked out a price and...
  6. IvyBrooks

    How to avoid scammers when doing Skype shows - a little advice

    I recently encountered a scammer while negotiating a Skype show. Luckily for me I knew how to identify the scam, so the scammer didn't succeed. But I thought I'd post some tips on doing Skype shows for other girls who may not be as aware of these scams. 1. I read that most camgirls only accept...
  7. J

    Is it possible to put giftcards on Amazon Wishlist?

    Is there a good way to put a giftcard on an amazon wishlist? I advised my friend not to use a amazon wishlist unless she has an alternative shipment address because the recipient address will get leaked eventually. So she decided to link people to the "buy a giftcard" page. The requires...
  8. M

    E gift cards

    does anyone know how e gift cards work? If someone sends me a e gift card(email ) to ihop,costco red robins amazon, etc. Can they find out the ihop location i went too by contacting customer support trying to find out my information. or can they find out the address my amazon purchase was...
  9. S


    i had a question pertaining to amazon and nursing. . if i get banned from amazon for exchanging skype shows for e gift cards. Will my employer as a RN find out why i was banned during a background check? i will be filing taxes for the gift cards so im not doing anything illegal.. i just want to...