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  1. Zeroslash

    Don't make amazon wishlist, Amazon Giftcards only

    Having been a model on CB my proudest moments were getting amazon giftcards. As a male model I always spent tokens i earned on other models. However my objective was always amazon egiftcards. Simply put compared to a wishlist the giftcard route is safer and more dynamic. For those presently...
  2. ChantelleArmaj

    How Do I Make An Amazon Wishlist For My Bio? And Is It Weird?

    I've noticed a lot of models have Amazon Wishlists in their bio, and it seems to be a registered list of items that they'd like their viewers to purchase for them. From what I've seen the items range from household appliances and car parts (??) to jewelry and clothing. Is this a normal/ethical...
  3. Guy

    Nazi paraphernalia is still being sold on Amazon

    Despite Amazon having a policy against such products, white supremacist merchandise still exists on said site.
  4. Smores

    Best Practices for Amazon Wish Lists

    I am browsing through some older threads and want to just get confirmation about the current best practices for webcam models who want to show an Amazon Wish List to customers. * The most important idea I am picking up is that the model should never connect any address to the Wish List. The...
  5. Smores

    Where Do You Set Twitter, Amazon, and Other Social Links on CB?

    A lot of models on CB have their various social media pages linked, and those show up as little icons that overlay the video on the left edge of the page. Where is all of that configured? Are those configuration options only appearing on a broadcaster's version of the settings? I have...
  6. Guy

    Do you ever buy soda on Amazon or eBay?

    Do you ever buy soda on Amazon or eBay?
  7. Guy

    Amazon Echo Recorded And Sent Couple's Conversation — All Without Their Knowledge

  8. Guy

    Amazon Prime members to get new discounts at Whole Foods

  9. O

    Amazon Locker

    I apologize if this subject has been discussed to death already, but I wanted to make sure other cammers are aware of the Amazon locker option available for anonymous wish list delivery. You can have items from your wishlists delivered directly to these lockers where you can pick them up. It...
  10. Guy

    UK Amazon warehouse workers skip bathroom breaks to keep their jobs

  11. M

    Amazon Wishlist? Please send help.

    I have a few guys already asking me for my Amazon wishlist to buy Christmas presents but I haven't found a way to set it up while protecting my privacy and location. Do I have to use a P.O. Box address? Will they see my street address if they track the package? Will they have to know my real...
  12. arielxoxo

    quick question about amazon gift cards?

    So i dont have an amazon account for a wishlist or anything like that, because I dont have a PO box. All i have is my personal amazon account with my real full name. I have someone who wants to send me a gift card, my understanding is they send me the gift card through any e-mail right? So i...
  13. PrincessAria

    Terrible Troll/Scam Attempts

    Ok so I wanted to make this post for two reasons. One being it'll probably bring a lot of laughs but most importantly it'll shed light on things cam girls need to be aware of. So I was just on cam and I had someone ask about Skype. Although I'm new, I've done a ton of research on this site to...
  14. MoiraMoon

    Amazon Products

    On a lighter note, what're some of your favorite amazon products that you buy for shows/games or that you find yourself buying frequently? Amazon is the holy grail and i could easily waste my entire life there, i'm always on the look out for new products that i can use for cam.
  15. RileyOh gift cards

    I have a Canadian member that sent me a gift card but it wouldn't register in the US, it had to be done on Is there a way around this? Can they log into the US site and send the card? Can I move the balance to my US account?
  16. Ghostie

    Amazon Sex Toys?

    Hi there, I am a new cam model and have purchased a few toys from Amazon. However, I've heard from other models that purchasing sex toys from Amazon is not the best thing, mostly because of quality concerns. I've purchased bullet vibrators as well as a dildo. The bullet vibrator did not last...
  17. noemik

    Amazon gift cards / allowance

    Hi! I've been searching this on the forums but couldn't find the answer and the amazon help site is confusing. I have this guy that wants to give me amazon gift cards and amazon allowance. I have an amazon account with my cam name but i don't wanna put my real address there. I thought it was...
  18. J

    Is it possible to put giftcards on Amazon Wishlist?

    Is there a good way to put a giftcard on an amazon wishlist? I advised my friend not to use a amazon wishlist unless she has an alternative shipment address because the recipient address will get leaked eventually. So she decided to link people to the "buy a giftcard" page. The requires...
  19. Sevrin

    MFC Token Purchase Options for Non-US Members

    So I had heard that Amazon didn't add an additional fee for handling foreign exchange like banks do, and thought I would put that to the test last month. I made two consecutive purchases with two different Visa cards. One was a Visa card issued by a Canadian bank, and the other with my Amazon...
  20. VeridianGreene

    Logitech C920 on sale on amazon!

    (If this is against any rules, I'm sorry!) Just figured you ladies would like to know about this awesome deal and jump on it! The Logitech C920 is one of the most recommended cams now on sale via Amazon for only 66 bucks (usually 100) Amazon Prime Link