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  1. V

    I didn't receive my payment by Bitcoin within 24 hours

    20559467 - Crypto Payment Sent $5,653.34 USD. I still didn't receive it. Please could you help me? I am very worried!!!
  2. S

    Bitcoin address format

    Hi. I got a question regarding bitcoin payouts! I used to receive my payouts to a BTC address that starts with "3" and 34-characters long, but the new one is longer and starts with "bc1". This new one was created on the TrustWallet app. Will I receive the payments if they're sent to the...
  3. A

    working in a restricted region with other documents

    helllo, i would like to ask something regarding chaturbate and restricted regions. i visit my boyfriend from time to time, he lives in a different country near mine. i once tried to get him verified so he could cam with me but he got denied since the ID provided was from a restricted region...
  4. D

    I'll answer your questions about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, etc

    Howdy folks, So, I've recently discussed cryptocurrency a bit on ACF and realized that a lot of folks have some burning questions about all this stuff. It's confusing, intimidating, ostensibly over-complicated. Most of the people who try to explain it on the internet are Reddit-dwelling...
  5. C


    I've been using ePayments with Chaturbate to get my money for a few months now, and my payments have been getting through just fine. However, they keep having problems and temporarily disabling various services. I'm afraid that some day my transfer will get lost out there. Are you guys using...
  6. Guy

    Major US banks blocking Bitcoin

    Major US banks are blocking Bitcoin.
  7. Guy

    Whats the best Bitcoin wallet for buying videos on ManyVids?

    Whats the best Bitcoin wallet for buying videos on ManyVids? I cant use Coinbase because my card is a pre-paid debit card.
  8. SkyPrivate

    Skyprivate is the first cam site to offer payouts via bitcoin

    Skyprivate offered from the beginning multiple payout options: from Paxum, FirstChoicePay (former Payoneer) to bank transfers. Today Skyprivate adds 2 new methods: bitcoin payouts and payouts. At this moment Skyprivate becomes the only mainstream cam site that offers its models...
  9. Chezza

    Blockchain enthusiasts? Interest in Cryptocurrencies?

    I cam and sell content for bitcoin sometimes. I'm hesitant to tell anyone about sites that use bitcoin because if they don't have any interest in them, then it's pointless. I'm going to a convention for it in Denver this month. It's popular, but not popular enough... so I wanna know, do you have...
  10. HGap - The Bitcoin marketplace where you get 95% payout and get paid in $.

    Hi everyone, We want to introduce you all , a new marketplace that could be of your interest. is the new marketplace based on Bitcoin for buyers. The advantages that Bitcoin offer to cam models are the best right now, we think it is the perfect time to launch a service that...
  11. Guy

    Why do a lot of models reject Bitcoin?

    Why do a lot of models reject Bitcoin?