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  1. Lexi_Summers

    Hi there!

    Hello! Want to see more of me? Browse all the links here : Or have a scroll here! 😇 Cam sites:
  2. B

    Profile changes

    Hi everyone! I just joined streamate and got approved to start streaming. I was updating my public profile when three hours later I got an email from streamate saying I can’t use the word findom on my profile because it isn’t allowed on the platform and I needed to remove it. I find that weird...
  3. Findomgirl

    Help please with advice in promoting

    Dear girls, I need your help and advice. I am already second year making clips on topics: financial domination, humiliation, foot fetish, joi, sissy, homewrecker, blackmail fetish. My maim studio in Findom category. I have clips4sale, iwantclips, manyvids, avnstars, modelcenro, loyalfans...
  4. RoseAnnne

    Have you ever received a response from kinkbomb support?

    I've known about kinkbomb's awful tech support since last year when I was on the site for 6 months and because I only made one sale during that entire time I closed the store. There was a balance of 20 dollars that they promised they would send me to paypal and it was not until a year later that...
  5. MillyNoelle

    Switch/Femdom/Findom newbie advice?

    Hi! (sorry for my english in advance, I'm scandinavian) I live in a full time ddlg relationship in which I'm very happy. I've always been very bratty as a little but recently I've been exploring my switch/femdom/findom side (online) which has been very fun and empowering for me. I would think...
  6. MelanieGrimm


    Hello to all! I recently discovered through a submissive, or a cashpig, asking me to be in a findom relationship that there was such a thing. Since then I have been really looking into it, and am very intrigued! I've always been more submissive, though I do have a dominant side in me I've never...
  7. IntravenousFlytrap

    Is It Possible to Be a "Nice" Dominatrix?

    Or a "Sweet" Dominatrix? I've recently became interested in findom and this question popped into my head one day. Surely it's possible to be nice to your subs and not insult them while still enticing them to give you money, no? I know a big part of the fetish is that these men LIKE being put...
  8. IntravenousFlytrap

    Findom Advice

    Hello ladies, I've recently become VERY interested in trying out findom, and was wondering what is a good price to sell a Premium Snapchat for as a findom? I know they tend to charge much more than the regular model, so I'm just curious since I'm new to this. By the way, any fellow findoms in...
  9. IntravenousFlytrap

    Tips/advice on couples videos...

    I was wondering how I could spice up my video collection. I only have 6 videos so far, and have one planned: a masturbation show featuring me fucking myself with my glass dildo while using a small vibrator on my clit until I cum, and then actually I have another video planned for double...
  10. K

    Questions for findommes.

    Hello fellow cam models/dommes! I'm sort of new to the adult industry (2 years), but this is my first time trying Webcam Modelling and Ive recently gotten into findom. I can say that Ive done okay, but Ive just started to purchase all my gear (meaning HD webcam, lighting, props, etc), so its...
  11. @MoneyPrincess Isabella

    @MoneyPrincess Isabella

  12. @MoneyPrincess Isabella

    @MoneyPrincess Isabella

    you're fixed like a junkie!
  13. Empress Mika

    Introducing DommeSource! I am proud to present to you My FemDom resource project:! It has taken a year to create and refine everything that went into this project and it's so exciting for Me to see it finally available to everyone. What is DommeSource? DommeSource is a...
  14. SatanJonez

    Bonnie's fetish & femdom Snapchat

    NOTE: I totally stole a majority of the rules from the lovely @AmberCutie's Snapchat takeover since it seems to work so well and usually run really smoothly. Soooo... What? I noticed awhile ago that there wasn’t really any takeover accounts for fetish/FemDom clip makers & cam girls. It seems...
  15. MsSmith

    Fin dom help.

    I have had lots of guys come to me for fin dom. Being a general domme comes naturally to me as I actually enjoy it. I know that any good domme is actually fulfilling a need though not just out for themselves. I am having a hard time finding any good information on how to actually be a good...