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  1. ReinaStorm

    Instagram Security -- Please Help

    I have an Instagram and just linked it to an unrelated Facebook account to make it Public Figure. Even before that I saw a few people I knew under suggestions. I blocked them. None of these people are in my phone. I am not on any of their Instagrams. These are family and friends. I have no idea...
  2. Princessbambiix

    The Loneliness of Camming..

    Does the loneliness of camming start to wear on you guys after a while? I have supportive non-SWer friends, but it would be nice to have camgirl friends to meet up with, vent to, bounce ideas off of, give advice to/get advice from, etc. Interacting with camgirls on Twitter/ Snapchat has...
  3. JennyTease

    Model asking models: Are you worried about people you know finding you on cam?

    So i keep changing my username or wanting to again, because either someone i know finds my profile somehow, or i stupidly tell them I know about geoblocks, but some people still have VPNS, or find your insta, or even snapchat fucks up and syncs contacts at times. Thats happened now twice to me...
  4. MissMolly

    A lesson in figuring out who to work with, how to protect yourself, & cyber-bullying.

    If you would like, you can take a look at my most recent tumblr point, it will explain some things I have been going through, but this isn't just about me. This is also about the other girls of the industry, how to handle situations that arise, how to...
  5. Aayda_Heart

    ManyVids - Profiles?

    I am hoping that people can post some links here to try and get some more attention! I just made my manyvids account today. - Please post your links below !
  6. Aayda_Heart

    Follow The Person Before You - Then Post "Last Comment!"

    This is a new idea I figured could be implemented for some new users such as myself to make friends! It's REALLY SIMPLE Too! Follow The Person Who Commented Before You! THEN - Reply with "Last Comment!" Try To Reply As Much As Possible To Gain More!
  7. Aayda_Heart

    Has Anyone Heard Of Anything To Expect In 2018 To Boost Traffic and Sales?

    Have You Heard Of Anything New To Expect This Year In 2018? Has anyone heard of anything cool or something that we should probably invest in? Any Predictions? Which Sites Are Going To Slow Down? Which Will Speed Up? Any New Camsites or Applications for Meeting More Friends/Fans!?
  8. IntravenousFlytrap

    Skype Adding Thread...

    So I just opened a Skype account for both customers and model friends. :) It's pretty empty at the moment, so I figured I'd post here to make some new Skype model friends! I'd like to make a circle of friends who are also models. I think it'd be nice to be able to get close to a fellow model...
  9. Ruby_Roo

    any camgirls on twitter :) ?

    I just made a twitter for camming! I've been a streamate model for almost three years and finally decided to make a twitter dedicated to camming :) I'm dedicating this twitter to being positive about our job and helping my fellow camgirlfriends <3 Anyone from Las Vegas btw? check me out...
  10. Jesse Angel

    Looking for Camgirl Friends

    I've been kind of a loner so far in my young camming career, and I'd like to reach out and get to know people if anyone's looking for a friend. My name is Jesse, I'm almost 20, Florida born and raised, and I started camming on MyFreeCams in September. My instagram is jesse.angelic.mfc and my...
  11. harleylynn

    other cam models as friends?

    so i know theres forums like here and around the internet to meet orher cam models, but im also curious as to how models make friends with other models! is it really only forums and such? id really like to get to know cam models in the community and such and make friends :)
  12. Puffin

    Add Friend (for members)

    As an MFC member the most common way I visit a room is from my friends list. Friends are shown at the top of the model list by default. So many advertise there social media - twitter, tumblr, instagram but NOT ONCE have I seen a model encourage members to add her as a friend. Why not?