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  1. Lelo1


    Any one trying the game during the VIP demo?
  2. M

    How to make fast money and info on games!

    Hi there, I'm new and in desperate need of money. However it's important to know I am NOT only doing this for the money, I do cam stuff in my own time haha I'm all for it! Ive been on there once yesterday and loved it even though I earned nothing. (duo to not understanding tokens and how it...
  3. DirtyHarley

    The Best CB Games and how do they work/rules

    i'v seen a bunch of games on CB but some are so so and some are not explained much on how to play or maybe i'm not understanding them lol i dunno..i would love to hear everyones awesome successful game ideas and how to play them.
  4. Vonlotus

    Stream games on MFC?

    Hi! I saw a thread from 2016 that says it's ok to stream at MFC, is still possible?... I saw a model doing it but since she is a stratospheric model... so, just asking :) I love to play games and if I can do it too ... it will be awesome. Thank you!;)
  5. Fiend-Nix

    Streamate to MFC: How to prepare for the switch?

    Hi! I'm Nix! I didn't see a thread that specifically answered my question, so I thought it'd be okay to post a new one! I took advice from this site and started on Streamate. I've been on for about a month now :3 But my goal has always been to move to My Free Cams! I have a list of things I...
  6. Aayda_Heart

    Follow The Person Before You - Then Post "Last Comment!"

    This is a new idea I figured could be implemented for some new users such as myself to make friends! It's REALLY SIMPLE Too! Follow The Person Who Commented Before You! THEN - Reply with "Last Comment!" Try To Reply As Much As Possible To Gain More!
  7. CharlottesBox

    Game and set design

    So I've been thinking lately (uh-oh:angelic:) that there is a lot of talk about profile design and some on cam corner/set design but I haven't seen a lot of discussion on DIY props and game design. Absolutely no judgment to those of you who opt for the poster board/sticky note keno or white...
  8. tinymartianslut

    Favorite Apps/Bots No One Knows About

    Okay, so in my boredom I like to go around the end pages of the bots and apps that are new and old to see what people have made, even deserted. Sure, no one uses them, and perhaps that's a sign, but they're still interesting. Such as the Pokemon and D&D one. They sadly have glitches and break...
  9. Marceline

    Whose Line Is It Anyway-esque room game idea?

    Okay, so I came up with this game idea and would love some input from other models and members alike. Members would tip to put in a "topic" for the model to act out. I'm thinking gathering topics throughout the month and playing this game at the end of the month. When the day comes you play out...
  10. Ruby_Roo

    what are some fun games to play on cam with customers?

    I feel like I don't really know how to create games or don't really know of any :/ I'm very good at having conversations and don't have a problem getting shows I'd just like to entertain and engage my audience on a different level :)
  11. Lelo1

    Secret World Legends

    Secret World has rebooted as a free to play game. If you love story, it's an amazing game.
  12. CharlotteDusk

    Cosplay cammers?

    Anyone here cosplay on cam? If so~ What characters do you cosplay? Do you make or buy your cosplays? Do you cosplay outside of camming? Do you only cosplay characters you like or do you take requests from regs? i myself am just thinking of it! maybe like once a week or so if i can get a...
  13. KK_girl

    Keeping them cuming

    sooooo I have been caming for 3 weeks and I just want to know some tips and trick to keep the conversation alive and games and just how do find your groove with it all. I feel like I'm sitting most of the time and no ones replying back to me when I'm on cam Tips
  14. Sian Sunrise

    Best apps and Bots

    I'm just wondering what apps and bots models prefer to run in their rooms? I've played with a handful but would really love to know which were fun, effective and basically kept the room happy. Thanks. SianSunrise
  15. Luckyfoxxy

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    This looks like a disaster, who else is looking forward to it?
  16. Beau Cambridge

    need fun people to play with me while im streaming on twitch

    twitch- tsue5 PSN- asusundevil51990 Use to stream awhile back for a clan with black ops 3 and averaged about 300 viewers, unfortunately I always used the clan account and am starting from scratch again, if you want to get some easy wins at Destiny, or COD add me and let me carry ya :) usually...
  17. MiaWould

    What are some games I can play in free/public chat?

    I see some models doing this, I'd like to know what some of those games are and how the work. And what I would need to get to set them up. Thanks :)
  18. AvaMae45

    Breathe of the Wild...delayed :'((((((((

    Hi, I don't think all of you know this about me, but I really love Zelda because of reasons like it's the best. So obviously I'm really excited about BotW. And...there have been numerous sources saying that it won't be released with the Switch and I just wanted to start a thread where we can...
  19. SexySerena4

    Games that bring in the most customers?

    So I'm trying to find new games that bring in a lot of customers. There are still quite a few that I haven't tried out quite yet, but I got an idea from a member of mine, and he sent me a list of different games that I could play. I don't want to waste my time playing games that don't bring in...
  20. S

    Streaming Games on MFC?

    Hey! So I've been really interested in streaming some gameplay while doing shows on MFC. I saw in previous threads on this site a lot of models liked using ManyCam to do so, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to broadcast to MFC. It keeps asking for a RTMP server and I'm not sure what to...