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Game and set design

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Feb 15, 2012
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So I've been thinking lately (uh-oh:angelic:) that there is a lot of talk about profile design and some on cam corner/set design but I haven't seen a lot of discussion on DIY props and game design.

Absolutely no judgment to those of you who opt for the poster board/sticky note keno or white board games, it's cheap and easy to change up and I totally get it however.... I'm super crafty and having gone to set and costume school I'm always looking for ways to flex my design muscles and customize things to my brand.

Has anyone designed some cool boards or spin wheels or nifty set pieces? I'm sure everyone here would love to see pictures (me I would!!)

Personally I'm planning on setting up a fun circus set in my new house and a witchy keno board, a sexy balloon pop as well as some custom silicone sex toys for the new year. I know there are simpler ways of doing things; let the balloons float around or tape them to the wall etc. but personally I feel sexiest with some cool set pieces and I'm hoping the funky and put together design elements will draw people into the room and entice them into playing.

Let's hear some of your ideas and projects, bonus points for pics!

Happy travels!
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