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  1. SexySerena4

    Help me!

    I'm a fairly new model on My Free Cams, I've been working since about July. I started off making $200 in less than three days and now I'm down to not even $70 for a full week. I'm doing pretty badly and this is my only job at the moment. I live in the deep deep south and there aren't very many...
  2. SMuser69

    Town of Salem

    I love this game anyone else try it before?
  3. PrettyPetilil

    Games, nails and 'makeshift dildos'

    My thread title sounds like it should be the cover of a erotic novel :P anyway. I just have a few questions that I haven't been able to find the answers to anywhere else (I'm sorry if their on the forum here somewhere and I just havent seen them) I'm new to cam modeling and the last few shows...
  4. A

    Fun & Interactive Games & Raffles

    Hi guys! So I started camming a month ago and I was doing veryyy good at first. Even when the new tag went away. But then I didn't cam for a week and it was really slow today. :( I made okay money but there was never more than 200 people in my room which was a contrast from the thousands I'm...
  5. LilliyLuv

    Birthday Games

    So im turning 26 on april 23rd and im really looking forward to being online for my bday. Im still fairly new on Chaturbate and looking for some birthday game ideas or any birthday ideas. :h: Im open to any ideas :)
  6. MissBubblegum

    Newish model needing some advice about goals!

    Hey! I could really use some advice right now! By the way, I have followed the steps to get "model only" verification, I'm just waiting to be approved. Sorry if this is a model only topic :eek: I am a nude model, but I don't masturbate or do any penetration/cum shows! I've been doing well on...
  7. penny moon

    Chance Draw

    What are some ideas you have used or look forward to using in a Chance Draw? I'm trying to come up with some ideas but I get stuck after "Make me do a celebrity impression".
  8. AthenaBlaze

    ;D Gamer girls! ISO YOU

    Hey ladies! ...and gentlemen (sorry, it's really for the ladies) ;p It's been a super duper long time since I've posted on here, but I'm sure glad it's still thriving and full of energiezzz! But anywho, I'm looking for some girls to link up with and play some PC MMOs... I'm just sick of the...
  9. Naughtyginger

    doing a nude baking show tonight and I need ideas

    What can I do that would be fun/sexy that would encourage tips? I thought about playing chubby bunny with marshmallows and having people tip for each marshmallow, but this won't work unless people are tipping back to back. I need something to do that people can "win" at so it wil be a good...
  10. C

    MFC Games suitable for a Mistress

    Hi all, I am a slave to a mistress that uses MFC, This morning i woke to an email from her stating she has set me a task for the rest of the week! The task she set me was to explore mfc to find games that i think would be suitable for her to play within her room. She has firmly stated that she...
  11. T

    CharlesBot - Your Automated 24/7 Model Assistant

    After over two months of very long nights, hundreds of revisions, and thousands of hours of testing by a small group of amazing models, I am pleased to welcome the public to begin trying CharlesBot. Throughout my time on MFC I've noticed a lack of tools available to help make cam models’ jobs...
  12. KristinKervz

    The Word Predictor Game

    I'm not sure if iPhones do this, but if you have an android, go to any random text conversation and tap your word predictor however many times you feel necessary. These are usually hilarious. Here's mine: I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. I don't know. Thanks for the first time...
  13. dessijay

    Cam Anniversary (2 year)

    So i'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on fun ways i can celebrate my two year anniversary with MFC? I figured balloon prizes maybe but anything else?