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Whose Line Is It Anyway-esque room game idea?

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Aug 11, 2017
Okay, so I came up with this game idea and would love some input from other models and members alike.
Members would tip to put in a "topic" for the model to act out. I'm thinking gathering topics throughout the month and playing this game at the end of the month. When the day comes you play out all the topics. Hilarity and fun ensues. Then, it comes time to pick out the best topic/skit. Either having members vote on which one they liked best (maybe having a low token amount count for each vote), or keeping track of tokens received during the skits and the skit that had the highest token amount during winning (might be harder for a busier room). The person who suggested the winning skit gets a prize. It sounded good in my head, but what do you guys think?


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Jul 25, 2014
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Oh improve. That like a sounds super fun idea. It would also be great to play if you do couple shows too.
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Aug 18, 2017
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That's a neat idea - sounds like something that may be funnier if you were camming with another model? I'm always trying to think of new and different ideas instead of your basic spin the wheel stuff, but I also find it hard to figure out how to incorporate tokens in to these ideas... I personally don't have much traffic yet so the keeping track of tokens thing to find a winner seems a lil complicated. Maybe you should start with a scenario that a member suggests and then people can tip to add/change the scenario?

Real cool idea, though, Props.
Aug 18, 2014
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As a member, I always enjoy seeing new types of games or content, and this is definitely a great idea.

If you had the time, perhaps look into doing it twice a month. Midway and the end. If it's too long of a span, you might end up with too many, too little, or a potential for repeated ideas. Doing it twice might be just right, and if there's an idea that gets repeated, you could save it for the second time that month and do something different or funnier than the first time!

Every couple of months you could ask that members sending in topics/ideas could relate it to a theme. For example, with February being Valentine's Day, you could ask that topics/ideas be related to love/relationships, with October being Halloween, you could ask that topics/ideas be related to scary/spooky/costumes.

I would prefer the tipping at the end to "vote", as most likely I would tip during each one, then a little "bonus" (if you will) at the end. Would make it slightly easier too. You could always do whichever topic/idea gets the most tips during it too, but you might end up getting too distracted by it (unless you had someone specifically to help you tally).
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