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  1. Tilly

    Recording my shows

    Hi! I’m having troubles recording my own stream while broadcasting. I use a Mac. I know how to do this in OBS but I mainly want to record while I do group, pvt, and club shows which aren’t available when streaming in OBS. I looked online and found info on how to record my webcam through...
  2. NoraSkyes

    PC vs Mac + other tech

    So I streamed a few nights ago for the first time in ages but I kept being told the quality was less than desired and it lost me a few good opportunities to earn quite a bit of tokens. I know my internet connection was fine, so all I can think of is it has to do with the fact I am using a mac...
  3. ladylilith

    updated advice on webcams for mac?

    Hi AmberCuties, I am not verified as of yet (I started camming in July, however silly me took forever to just make an account on this forum to start the process), but I searched through the forums I could see for some advice on a good webcam that is mac OSX compatible. There was some great...
  4. Trixie_Treats

    APPLE USERS: How to record a broadcast?

    Hey all, I'm curious how to record a live broadcast on an apple computer while camming. Sometimes theres some hella sexy moments that Id love to record and sell on mfc share. I watched a tutorial on here but it was for a PC and when I looked for adobe flash live media encoder it's not...
  5. Trixie_Treats

    Webcam for Mac with pan, tilt and zoom remote

    Howdy! I've searched the forums looking for a thread that might point me in the direction of what HD webcam has pan, tilt and zoom that would be compatible with my Mac. I currently have a logitec, but I'd love to be able to perform shows and not have to interrupt by physically moving my...
  6. ruby86

    xsplit alternative for mac?

    hello beauties can anyone suggest an alternative to xsplit for mac users? I wanna start recording my streams, but don't really know where to start. after reading a few posts on here about xsplit, I tried to download it... but alas, it's windows only. thank you sooo much x x x
  7. MojitosJourney

    How to record HD video on a mac?

    Hi there - does anyone know how to record HD video on a mac, using an external HD webcam? I'm using logitech c390e, which doesn't come with the logitech recording software. I've been using the macbooks's built-in software to record video, but from what I can tell, it doesn't record in HD.
  8. AubreyMarie

    Apple/Mac Software

    So I've tried to look through older posts but wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for and it would nice to know what newer software people are using. So I've got a MacBook, I'm curious as to what software, all kinds for the mac that you all use. Like for your web cam, video editing...
  9. TwerkinGamerCutie

    Step by step guide to Watermark Chaturbate Broadcast for Mac?

    Hello everyone! I'm new here =) I've only broadcasted about 10 x's since I started my new Chaturbate account just over 2 weeks ago and have seen how quickly all of my shows have been plastered all over the internet. I will worry about those later, for now I would like to know if someone could...
  10. divine-bella

    Free Video Editors for Mac other than Imovie, GoPro and VideoPad

    Hey there everyone, I'm curious if any other Mac-user models out there can recommend a user friendly video editing software that can rotate, split and add watermarks to videos other than I movie? I have Imovie on a seperate hard drive that I don't have access to at the moment, so I'm on the...
  11. Khia Petal

    recording with a c920?

    I'm a mac user who recently just got a logitech c920 off of ebay, works fine and everything as far as I can tell, which is fantastic. The only issue I have is when I want to record a clip with the c920, my options are limited and frustrating. -I've tried using quicktime, but the video itself...