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  1. H

    ManyVids - Call/text me?

    Hi, hope I'm posting this in right place and that it hasn't been asked before, but I'm looking for opinions from either other models or buyers who have used the text me/call me option on manyvids. What kind of prices did you set, what kind of rules do you apply? Also I would never give out my...
  2. J

    What Would You Like To see in a New Video selling site?

    Hey There! I'm new to this site, but not new in the industry. We are starting a new video selling site for Femdom + Fetish videos. The company will be located in the EU. I would love to know from first hand, what are your current struggles with the options available today, like manyvids and...
  3. S

    Quitting ManyVids & Minimum Payout

    Hey, everyone. I apologise in advance if this is in the wrong section. I searched the forum and Google but haven't found anything about this so far. I'll probably contact MV support after this anyway, but I was wondering if I could get everyone else's opinion on this first. Long story short, SW...
  4. StarSpirit

    Can you post the same video to more sites?

    Hello! So I have seen some models sell the same video on different sites. I fee like I remember reading somewhere that you can post one video to one site only but I am no longer sure (For example if I put one vid on MFC and also on manyvids) Should I ask support or does anyone know the answer...
  5. MilaRose

    Top Advice from Models?

    For several months now I've felt as though I've hit a wall in my SW career selling clips, custom clips, other services, etc. Admittedly, I enjoyed filming too much and stuck with it telling myself I would only start caming regularly if I felt I hit a wall with selling content. But then I see all...
  6. barbiecrystal

    Best Fuck Machine & How To Get Tip Activated?

    I looking to buy a fuck machine and I see many models on chaturbate to manyvids creators use. Do any of you have some suggestions to some good fuck machines? And how do you get them to be tip activated?
  7. barbiecrystal

    Manyvids Live Help With Video Sales And % Take?

    I wanted to hear from other models if their sales would go up for their videos when streaming on Many vids? I have heard that making tokens can be slow a lot more than good. But wondering if it helps with video sales overall? Also what is the percent that the model takes as of now? I know for...
  8. ZeraEve

    Deleting ManyVids Items

    Does deleting videos and store items on ManyVids lower your score? I've been wanting to retire most of my old content, but I'm not sure if deleting almost 20 videos will affect my score, since I've been working on it a lot lately and have really raised it, I'd hate to make it go back down again.
  9. passmeawhiskay

    Need opinions, Ethics of selling old couple shows on ManyVids

    So while, sites like webcamarchiver are profiting on the 3 couple shows I did a few year ago with a girl who who be horrified if she ever found out the videos were online, I'm not profiting. I recently had some mods get a hold of them for me. I could be making money on ManyVids selling them to...
  10. CuteCuteEbisu

    Newbie Question: Is it considered bad to use more than one website?

    Obviously I don't mean trying to stream on two camsites at once. But I'm on SM and I was wondering if I were to start streaming occasionally on another site, if it is considered to a breach of contract or something. Years ago I was on MFC but didn't really like that site. I didn't have great...
  11. psychoactivekitten

    Manyvids Co-Model Agreement help

    So I have a manyvids which i've posted a few videos on, but my boyfriend and I have a few videos we made that we want to post as well. So I'm trying to fill out the co-model agreement form, but it wouldn't let me really fill it out? When I clicked on it, it brought me to another tab on my...
  12. O

    Advertise Used Panties Here!

    I hope I am posting this in the right spot. I didn't see any thread on this. I think it will be interesting to see what other people are selling! I'll go first! I am selling used panties and thongs on ManyVids! I wear them for a day and masturbate in them at least once! Although, sometimes I...
  13. Witchessleep

    Chaturbate and Manyvids audience/questions

    I wanted people who find me through Chaturbate or Manyvids know they can pay for my snapchat using either MV or CB, but it seems like I can't outright advertise outside payment or links on chaturbate. I like having that transparency with people (i.e someone from manyvids has a chaturbate account...
  14. Witchessleep

    Where to advertise with geoblocking?

    I was originally going to put my sales up on reddit/sexsells or similar subreddits, but considering that I use geoblocking on my manyvids and chaturbate (and it wouldn't be fair if a client turned out to be from one of those blocked regions- i.e. home state and where family members live), I was...
  15. cmodelguide

    Inspiring YouTube Documentary with ManyVids' co-founder Bella French

    I just found this interview with the co-founder and CEO of ManyVids, Bella French. Bella gives some insights on how she got started in the adult industry, what prompted her to found a startup in the adult industry and what fuels her to continue pushing forward for change. I am totally into...
  16. Christina Chambers

    Help, Video Chat

    soooo im trying to fill my services out on manyvids and under video chat there is a section for "Rules" things you will do and wont do in video chat...also the price i have no idea how or what to charge any advice is much appreciated
  17. Guy

    Why doesn't MV offer models the option to make their vids rentable?

    Just curious.
  18. emahlee

    Can I sell the same clips/videos/pics at both MFC Share AND ManyVids?

    That is the question! Can I sell the same video (for about the same price) on ManyVids and MFC Share? Thanks in advance!
  19. Guy

    Why dosent ManyVids have a category/tag for missionary sex?

    Why dosent ManyVids have a category/tag for missionary sex? Strange considering that they have them for both cowgirl and doggystyle. I takes a considerable amount of effort for me to find videos with missionary sex on MV. I often have to resort to asking a model if a B/G video of hers has...
  20. Guy

    Is the MV Crush feature unhealthy for single members?

    Is the MV Crush feature unhealthy for single members?