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  1. GlowingCrazySapphire

    Newer Model Looking For Advice from Other Models!

    Hi, I am Looking For some advice on how to be successful, I am a model on manyvids as well else were. however im always looking for some advice on how to sell and more way to promote. i would just love advice from other models.
  2. DahliaKinx


    hey everyone. I’ve been reading a lot of posts on this forum and it really has helped me a lot. I raised my CS from 250 to 1000 in a two week period so I was doing really well. I’m not sure what exactly the change was but now all of a sudden I went from 60+ people in my room to 5-10 max and...
  3. M

    "LiveGirl" Camsite Twitter DM // SCAM ALERT

    I received this DM on Twitter that looks pretty suspicious. I am afraid to click his sketchy link, so I'm not 100% certain it's a scam, but I am 99% sure and here's why... >>> THE RED FLAGS <<< 1. The message comes from a Twitter user who doesn't follow me and I don't follow them, making...
  4. M

    Appropriate questions for getting to know your viewers

    I searched this topic and only found one thread that wasn't able to have replies any more so I am hoping this question is okay here. I would love feedback from members or models. While you are getting to know each other what are appropriate questions to ask? like would you ask Bigcocks111 what...
  5. N

    I know it's boring but who is this beautiful asian? Idk her name, who is this model or what is the w

    This is the only video i could find of her, and in other sites is the exact same video (I just want to find her, not to stalk her) Sorry for the explicit photo but was the only i could find...
  6. KK_girl


    so I have this "helper" he helps me in the room and the helped me set up my manyvids. He's really good and sweet but I'm not really doing anything he's doing it all. He bought me a dildo because he said he want to help me with videos I didn't want him to but after him pushing for awhile I said...
  7. JadeAmore

    Fetish requests and tips for starters?

    Hey all! I'm Jade Amore, mfc model. Even though I've been at this cam girl thing for a few months, I still am learning the ropes. I get a few fetish requests. My most recent was to sell a small jar of pee to one of my new subs. How much should I charge for this? What fetish requests have you...
  8. S

    Do camsites need your SS number?

    I finally got a photo ID so I'm trying to sign up for some camsites but one asked me for my SS number is that a red flag? I mean I know it's a possibility for people to find out about my caming but I don't want it coming up on my job reports and stuff... Besides that anyone know of some cam...
  9. B

    camed for only a week and quitted should I tell my Boyfriend?

    Hello girls I read through a lot of your other threads about bf topic, but my case is a little particular. I only did caming for about 5 days I think! no more than one week and I had to quit. At that time my bf and I, werent together since we broke up but a month after we got back together. I...
  10. B

    new into caming

    Hello girls after a long time searching on forums trying to get some help to clarify my concerns I saw many post from models who have a great experience and knowledge on caming in this forum. Im finishing my degree at university and due to family economic issues I didnt have any money to pay...