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  1. Deraker

    WebCam models on Music

    What about Webcam Models on music? Watch this
  2. Cox Deep

    Chaturbate terms and conditions questions

    Hey everyone, quick 2 questions. Are you allowed to wear name brand clothing on camera? Also if a model were to make music, is it okay to let their fans know they are on chaturbate? I know you cannot let chaturbate fans know you make music and on what platform; but what about the...
  3. K

    Do you need to buy license for the music you play on Chaturbate?

    I have seen popolar models play very old songs(like lunatic by Marc Fruttero) and I don't think they could buy license for that. So is it allowed to do so???
  4. C

    The effect that music has on tips

    Hey, so I have a social experiment in mind that I was wondering if anyone has already tried or would be willing to try? I studied psychology in college, but that was nearly 20 years ago and I work as a firefighter now, so this experiment is just out of interest to see if it helps models get...
  5. BelleWrites

    Music During Private

    Would you listen to music you didn't like during a private if the client asked for it? Modified version of conversations I had recently: Me: Can you put on The Macarena? Model: What's that? Me: It was the #1 song the year you were born. Model: *Plays song* This song is weird. Me: Wait until...
  6. daddysaurus

    songs to relate to

  7. Witchessleep

    Your top 10 "inner stripper" songs?

    Aka your "camgirl" songs/ songs that make you feel a little sexy. In no order: Jhené Aiko - Maniac Gain - Paradise Lost Ariana Grande - God is a Woman Hyuna - Lip and Hip Various songs by Lana Del Rey (OK this is cheating) Bishop Briggs - Baby Doja Cat - Mooo! Doja Cat - Go to Town Ängie -...
  8. Smores

    Favorite Alternative/Indie or Modern Dance Songs?

    What are some of your favorite dance songs in the alternative/indie or modern rock genre? I want these to be songs with rhythm and a sustained beat throughout the song. It has to be incredibly danceable music. Definitely I am not looking for songs that are disco, or heavy metal, or R&B...
  9. ailein

    Song for a model

    Hi all! I followed 5 months the model Stella and I fell in love of her. I wrote a song for elle and I wanted to show your this song. title: Stella is a goddess Song: "She’s got these lights In back of eyes Who make me crazy or in love She has languid gestures Who make me knight or castaway...
  10. NerdyZoey

    Terms of Service question

    As I’m waiting for the DMV to send me my ID I’ve been researching, coming up with show ideas etc... I’ve printed out all the sites’ TOS for where I plan on working such as CB. Which is where I found this “ You will not post any message, picture or recording, or use the Service in any way...
  11. JGenius

    Is there people into alternative/underground music here?

    What about sharing some tracks here? Are there some musical hipster here?
  12. Smores

    Feeding Music to OBS Without Creating Echo?

    What is the best way to feed the output of a music app to OBS as a digital input, without creating an echo on your microphone that distorts the sound to listeners? It's easy enough to feed an app to OBS, but if you want to listen to the output of that app it will also get picked up by your...
  13. Puffin

    Your favorite instrumentals

  14. Maeleth_Fae

    Can we get an art thread going?

    I would love to see all the artists in the house!! It doesn't matter if you're a musician, painter, graphic artist, photographer, whatever! Drop your current or favorite piece/project or state what you like to do :joyful: I'm a tattoo apprentice so the majority of my work is illustrative, but I...
  15. JennyFae

    What are you currently jamming to?

    What music/artist/song/album gets you grooving lately? I saw someone mention Azealia Banks, and I've been listening to her all day!
  16. Ambers Troll

    Bunny ears, beauty, and death metal

    Seems that we can add sweet sexy natural beauty and bunny ears to the list of terrorist targets after today. Hope that everyone gets their bunny ears on tomorrow....this was an attack against what most of you represent. Mourn tonight but tomorrow and for as long as your lovely feminine energy...
  17. NatashaSlay

    Cam Vid Music?

    If I make and sell videos, how can I play music in the background? Is there some kind of copyright law thing that says I can't sell a video with someone elses music? Do you pay for music for your vids or maybe use free beats or something? I don't want this to be a problem for me down the road...
  18. KMAngo

    Designed Bio's (Graphic Designer)

    Hello, this is KMango I am a male cam model ;3 But my real time job is being a Graphic designer. I thought about doing this after I have seen all the ugly bio's out there designed by people who have no idea what they are doing and/or have bad aesthetics.I have a BFA in Graphic and Interactive...
  19. newbbgurl

    French House?

    Anyone really dig , Mr Oizo, SebastiAn or Siriusmo? or other french house friends I should know?
  20. ReinaStorm

    Music through manycam so that customers can't hear me talk at certain times.

    I work on cam but I also have my own phone sex business and another job where I'm an adviser and give Relationship Advice. I see girls playing music where its somehow going through manycam but you can't hear what they are saying. I have manycam and I have tried to find out how to do this by...