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  1. ShilohGables

    Sexy-Time Station?

    Hey! So I don't know about you, but I need to have music on at all times, I just can't stand the silence. Music makes the world go round. So my question for you is... what station do you put on when you're feeling sexy/erotic? Pandora/Songza/Youtube. What's your go to, to get in the mood? I am...
  2. JinKo

    Copyrighted Music in Videos?

    I am a newbie model signed to Extra Lunch Money and I was wondering if using copyrighted songs in my videos that I sell could lead to problems.I assume that a big time record company wouldn't care if Any porn models do this as its not uploading their music for the purpose of strictly listening...
  3. zorya aurora

    v a p o r w a v e t h r e a d

    bring out your early 90's computer graphics and glitch art, it's time for some chill vaporwave!!! for the uninitiated: vaporwave is a genre of music??? aesthetics?? the guys and gals over at the vaporwave subreddit summarized it pretty well here: i've included a classic album made by Our Lord...