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  1. Aurora911

    Chaturbate (Bongacams) Profile Designer

    Is there any good tool out there, to make a good Design for CB and Bonga (without HTML knowledge) and use that? espescially im searching for something thats not working cloud only (subscription based stuff that I found) because when it's cancelled everything with links / pictures stored there...
  2. S

    Buy Snapchat link

    Hi I've been a model on MFC for almost 2 years now and wanted to make some changes to my profile and I noticed some models have a button that say 'buy my sc XX toks' or just stating where they can click to buy it and when clicked, that amount of toks is taken and I would guess you just give them...
  3. BrattyBambii

    Is there any way to embed a poll on your MFC Profile?

    I want to make it so that the TIP MENU Poll will show up directly on my profile and memers can "vote" directly from my profile... is that possible?
  4. Miss_Lollipop

    Cammodel Express / Profile Builder will be shutting down June 2020

    Hi guys, I know many of you use the Profile Builder. This decision was not come to lightly, and I do hope you will understand. If anyone needs help transitioning before we shut down please just reach...
  5. L

    Profile/Canva Site Embed Help!

    Hi ACF! I'm gonna start my first ever cam session in <1 hour (if I can get my makeup done in time, lol). I just have one problem: I made this super-cute profile using, and I used their website template. When you're done, they give you a nifty little html embed link to paste into your...
  6. S

    MFC Share header help

    How can you change your header picture on your MFC Share profile? I've never changed it before and have the palm tree one that was automatically there.
  7. Abbiminx

    New to Camming - MFC profile question as well!

    hello! I’m transitioning from another form of sex work and I’m doing every bit of research I can. I’m unbelievably excited to start broadcasting on MFC. I’ve got the Logitech webcam (don’t remember the series but it was like an $80 price point), a big ring light, and am moving into my own...
  8. B

    help with making my profile- CSS/HTML?!?

    Ive been toying around with it the past few days and have been trying to find a free layout/template to use while I figure out the coding and suchgn to MAKE my own. Years ago I used to do alot of html s tuff when myspace and neopets were big. I actually learned on Neopets when I was like ten...
  9. Smores

    Image Hosting Services

    I want to find an adult-friendly image-hosting website that would let me sign up with an account and then reference individual images through a convoluted URL that cannot be used to find my account name or other photos in the account. In addition, I want to make sure that the image site does...
  10. SyKa

    Best store platforms for models?

    Hey all! Baby camgirl here. My past jobs have included stripping and selling vintage on etsy, so needless to say I'm excited about the entrepreneurial side of things and establishing my brand. I want to sell photos, videos, used panties, etcetera, but I'm not sure what's the best platform to use...
  11. XbambiX

    MyGirlFund--"About Me" vs. Profile

    Hello there . . . I have two specific questions about the "setup" portion of the MyGirlFund application process for anyone who's gone through it. On that page, you are asked for your first and last name as well as to fill out an "About Me" section: A. Should you provide your actual first and...
  12. JerryBoBerry

    Free profile images

    Ran across an imgur post listing several websites that have royalty free stock images anyone can use. Thought it might come in handy for people wanting to make graphics for their profiles, or tweeting various events. I'll list them all here as well, just in case that post gets deleted.
  13. LEXY

    CamSoda Profile Troubles!!!

    Hey! I just joined CamSoda, verified my account, everything is ready to go except I can't insert images into my profile! I have tried using TinyPic as a hosting source but it just reads "Image hosted by Tiny Pic" and doesn't show the image... Not sure how to fix this.
  14. M

    How to customize profile of MFC

    I am a really new model and I want my profile to stand out. I've seen other models that have awesome profiles with pictures in the background and some that have animation to them. If someone could help me out with this I would really appreciate it!
  15. arielxoxo

    mfc profile?

    Hey guys! I'm just wondering how important would you say a custom profile on mfc is? I want a cute profile and was going to pay for one but idk, is it worth it? or should i just leave it be?
  16. thebongcat

    Best *free* sites for creating banners?

    Hey all! Hope this thread finds you all healthy and happy. I was wondering if you guys would share with me some good sites for creating banners and images with text (for tip menus etc) so I can add some things to my profile. There are so many out there it was a bit hard to navigate, and...
  17. CharlieMcGee

    i think my coding is right, but some tabs aren't working?? (mfc) for whatever reason, a few tabs on my profile are always visible.. i tried changing the size of the graphics, thinking maybe they were too large to fit, but that didn't seem to help. and one of the pages is all text, and that's out too. any idea what...
  18. gingerboozz

    Any Advice on editing my MFC profile?

    Hey All! I was looking to see if anyone can offer some advice on how to make my profile look top notch without having to pay someone to do it for me? I like the idea of changing it often so I wanted to do it myself. Thank you!
  19. Laratonio

    Chaturbate profile styling

    Hi, I'm new here, but I saw some threads about the styling of your Chaturbate profile / MFC. When I visit profiles on these sites, I see profiles with really poor styling, unreadable text, poor quality images etc. I think that when you have a good, nice and clear profile, your 'sales' /...
  20. SexyMoNy07

    I can't upload videos on my bio (chaturbate)

    Hi there! I'am a new camgirl (1month already!), I love doing that and I would like to post some videos on my bio for my viewers as many of them asked me, but when I try to do that everytime I got an error message "an error occured". I can put a name,description and price for the video, after I...