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  1. S

    [PROJECT][QUESTION] Give new life to your show

    Hello everyone, I have been working on a project for some time but before spending more time on it I would like to have your opinions on it if possible. With this project I have tried to answer the two following problems: - How to create a new source of income? - How to make the most of several...
  2. MismatchedCouple

    Can Models See The Private Recordings?

    Just curious, we were taken private for the first time the other night and of course we allowed a recording to go into the viewers collection. Our question is, does it save anywhere for us to view as well? Thanks.
  3. StarSpirit

    How long did it take you to become successful at camming?

    Hello model friends! I was wondering- how long (day/ months/ years) did it take for you to build your career, attract regulars and big tippers, and just log on and feel like it's finally looking great? Did you stream everyday for 8 hours? Or just log on from time to time and just kind of...
  4. oowapp

    Skype Scheduling Issue: Opinions?

    So, kind of similar to a previous thread I read earlier today (total shit storm) but also different (not total shit storm). I purchased a discounted (50% off) Skype show via a club package from a top 100 model on MFC and have been unable to successfully schedule said Skype show. Bought the...
  5. SpookyBetty

    Clips4Sale and manyvids bbw ideas

    I'm here to ask for ideas for videos. I'm bbw and for a while I was popping out videos left and right, but now I'm scared my videos are going to start to all look the same (me with a dildo doing various positions.) I have a good amount of toys (bad dragon mostly) but I have only used 2 of them...
  6. kupido

    Avoid paying high taxes by creating an LLC???

    Is it smart to create an LLC asap to avoid paying High taxes, or is there a point where it would be wise to do so? I have heard of this from other amateur models and porn creators...but ive heard many mixed information. I haven't yet tried to seek out more information on it until now. The...
  7. S

    *Begginer* Ideas 4 a very very very begginer?

    *sorry 4 my bad english* Last Year, i used to stream live in some plataforms like LiveMe ( i was 17) to have a little bit of "knowlegment" about being watched, and i really liked (Just chat btw), but wasn't my strong. SO, i quitted and started an ASMR channel in youtube, what was cool, but some...
  8. Annabell_blossom

    Camsoda questions

    Hey everyone! So I'm totally new to pretty much everything (camming and posting in forms...I know I'm a cave women). So I've had my first show 2 days ago and again yesterday. It went really really really well, I made WAY more money then what I was expecting and I somehow have almost 100...
  9. Buxom Belch

    Pressure to offer webcam shows

    Hi! I was hoping if anyone can share with me what's involved--or what the difference actually requires on my end--between doing a live webcam show and just filming a custom video request? Thx! I sell non-nude burp fetish C4S clips and custom videos, but I don't offer live webcam shows. Since...
  10. IntravenousFlytrap

    A Random (and possibly dumb) Question...

    I'm working on a free layout offered to me by someone, and there's a button that says "PPV Game" that you're supposed to add your own personal link to so that when people click on it it'll lead to the link you programmed into the HTML (if that makes sense). For example, there's a button for "My...
  11. LizzieLust

    Member Christmas gift ideas

    I'm working on Christmas presents for a few regulars, and trying to decide what kinds of things to add. I would love to know what other cam models have given members, and what members would like to recieve. I will definitely be adding personal items related to each members likes, but I'd like...
  12. M

    If I cash out my tokens and deactivate my Chaturbate account will I still receive them?

    I'd like to deactivate my Chaturbate account but I want to make sure i'll still receive my tokens if I do. I would of course cash them out before I deactivated it.
  13. T

    independent contractor question?

    If you were an independent contractor who was paid by a business to make 13 videos 4min long in a month for them to sell to a niche audience (booty worship) no nudity. How much would you like to get paid? The payment style is a flat rate with a commission on sales and paid at the end of the month.
  14. F

    Oh Shizz! I'm bleeding!

    So. I started camming today. I was all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Tips and compliments and all that jazz. Loving it! Then someone wants me to finger myself. No problem. Start going to town. Now they want two fingers. Hmm. Don't usually use two fingers but okay. I take my fingers out and there...
  15. U

    How do I hide my job from potential background checks? (AdultWork, UK) HELP!

    Hello yall! I'm new here and I haven't set up my own camgirl account yet as I'm stuck on one important thing: I wanted to know if there is a way to "hide" the fact on legal documents like taxes and background checks that I work as a camgirl. The reason being is because I'm a medical student...
  16. X

    Is it worth it? Is it even viable?

    Hi All, hope everyone is doing well. I'm just looking to get some clarity and opinions... Bear with me So just over a year ago I came across a model on CB, everything was standard, we discussed prices, had a session which I enjoyed so became a regular in her room and eventually became a mod...
  17. BlairLuxe

    How Do You See Your Memories?

    This thread is inspired by a question posed in Models Only, but there was a bit of interest in a whole thread dedicated to the question. The original question was: "I have a weird sort of psychology/philosophy kind of question: Think back on a memory in your past, how do you see it? Not...
  18. F

    Chaturbate Noob Model Questions

    Hello all! Brand new webcam model team (we're a couple) who's excited to find a community to bounce ideas off of as we don't have many friends in the cam biz. We just started working on Chaturbate and have a few questions about the platform that we just can't find the answers to on their support...
  19. S

    Specials for top/regular tippers?

    So I'm still kind of new to MFC, I've been a model for like 3 or 4 months actively. I have a person who watches all of my shows and is one of the main tippers of every one, without fail, AND bought me a few things on my wishlist. I feel like I should do something special to show my appreciation...
  20. GenaBeau

    Cam Crushes

    I like to stalk other cam model pages when I'm bored...there I said it.... Sometimes when I'm really tired and don't feel like working I'll get online just to see what type of girl are also working on the site. Most of the time I'll sit in the room, check out her bod, her profile, and tip quite...